YingLuck Vacation

Yingluck vacation just started and Junta will charge her of dereliction of duty on the rice scheme that caused damage of 500 billion baht to the country.

Here we go again. Same Tactics. Same Games.

The National Council for Peace and Order approved Ms Yingluck’s request to leave the kingdom on Sunday for a 20-day trip to Europe. It is expected that Yingluck will visit her brother, former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who is scheduled to celebrate his birthday anniversary in Paris on July 26.

Yingluck’s overseas trip beginning July 20 to August 10, a source close to Yingluck said that she would leave Thailand on July 23 and return on August 10. She will visit several European countries with her son Supasek Amornchat who will have school holidays then.

They will visit Germany, Switzerland and France where they will attend a birthday party of  Thaksin Shinawatra.

Hours later…  

Thailand’s National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) on Thursday finds former Thai Prime Minister Yingluck guilty of negligence in rice program and resolved to ask the Attorney-General to arraign former premier Yingluck Shinawatra on charges of dereliction of duty on rice-pledging scheme and caused damage of 500 billion baht to the country.

The NACC will forward the case to the Attorney-General next week, who will charge Ms Yingluck in Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Persons Holding Political Position.

Will they move quick and charge her before she leaves and block her from leaving the country or they let her go and have the same fate as Thaksin.

The Destruction of Shinawatra continues…

Simple Thai Math:  Thailand = No Justice = Just Us, Us = “The Elites”.

Ex-Premier Yingluck Shinawatra with her son flew to Paris On July 23, with 15 suitcases on a one-way ticket. Is she coming back?

Now, Junta is going to add another charge to Yingluck. All That missing rice was inside Yingluck bags. 

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