Good Luck “Ying…Luck”.

Yingluck Shinawatra will deliver her opening defense statement in her impeachment proceedings before the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) by herself on Friday.

Don’t worry Yingluck. It will be a fair trial from NLA members who were hand picked by the people who made the coup to oust you. Never doubt, Thailand solid fair justice system. You are in corrupted safe hands.


If there is elections tomorrow. You are going to win. Guarantee, all the votes will be yours, but with that impeachment case, you will be banned from politics for five years.

It’s all about, how to root out Thaksin’s influence from Thai politics. They have been trying to figure that out since 2006. Call it “Thaksin Fever” or “Thaksin Fear”.

I really hope, they don’t go after your money in their political revenge vendetta.

Good Luck, Ying..Luck in your impeachment on Friday.

yingluck6 prayuth-yingluck yingluck

Yingluck told NLA on Friday:

  • I was removed from office (the equivalent of being impeached) 3 times already. I have no position left to be impeached from. The impeachment today will affect policies aimed at helping farmers in.
  • I denied all charges by both the NACC and the Democrat party and I insist I ran the programme correctly and transparently.
  • A government must take care of its low-income people. Besides, rice pledging is not new. It’s been used for 33 years.
  • How could we abandon our farmers, who are the backbone this nation.
  • Subsidizing farmers is nothing new. Every country helps its bread winner. It’s a burden of a government. Japan subsidizes $3.3 billion a year for its farmers, Thailand $2 billion. Every country helps its farmers. It’s not the matter of running a balance sheet.

The verdict will come at the end of the month. Waste of time, because they already made up their mind a long time ago. It’s only a show off media game.


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