Who is The Real Godfather.

These Criminals in “justice”. Top police generals arrested with billions, walking around collecting money from gambling dens, bribes in everything that breath in Thailand. Even, bribes from the police officers who seeks promotion and better location.

The poor in Thailand gets poorer because of that culture of corruption. It’s not only these few generals on top who are corrupt. The whole “Royal” Thai police is corrupt. All the government officials are corrupt. The whole system needs a complete overhaul with a new breed that sees right, decency, equality and honesty is the only way for better Thailand that benefit all the Thai people, not only a selected corrupted few.

Most of the money and assets that was seized will be moved to another corrupted hand. It’s like a gang war inside the “Royal” Thai police, claiming power and turf control.

These criminals in “justice” were walking around collecting this money by saying “It’s for the Royal family”.

That’s why, they were charged with Lese Majesty law. Maybe, that was the way in Thailand from generations to collect the “Collection money” for the “Monarchy” and now, Sia O made them collecting that money for himself.

Maybe, they got busted because, these generals became greedy and started keeping bigger cut from the collection money for themselves. But, Sia O knows how much his cut suppose to be and got mad and furious. It’s time to change the collectors.

That police general Pongpat Chayapan is not the real Godfather. He is just a greedy criminal who went out of his way, to pass the real “Godfather”, Sia O.


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  1. Spot on!

    We need to give the brainwashed and silenced Thai folk their brain back and teach them how to “Talk Up”, again. That will create an inevitable “change”.

    Then, next, the godfather need to be made “Talking”, so he can (hopefully) smile before he falls into an absolute hiding stage.

    Lèse majesté?

    That will be left for the one who formerly actually executed it on other! The time for
    “Truth For Thailand” is within reach.
    Free Thailand, once and forever!

    Thailand is for the Thai people, not the Royal Thai Mafia!

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