Welcome to Thailand

Welcome to Thailand! British family were beaten in Hua Hin during Songkran and spent the rest of their lovely vacation in the hospital.

No regard for the woman old age. Rosemary Owen, 65, was punched in the face, kicked and knocked out. She had a build-up of fluid in the brain that was removed, the hospital is still holding her for observation for serious head and eye injuries. Lucky to be alive!

Lewis Owen, 68, and his son John, 43, were beaten very badly and suffered head injuries requiring stitches. The whole family were knocked out cold on the street. Unforgettable family vacation!

Don’t try to reason with these thugs! Don’t try to make sense with these senseless Scumbags! They don’t understand your “English”+”Common Sense” language!

Well done Junta! Put your political opponents in Jail and let these Scumbags loose! keep your priorities straight. Nice to see Thailand transformation to become a “Family Vacation”!

During your visit to the “Land of Smiles” Watch out for the “Suckers”. Your country laws, rights and freedom don’t work here. It’s a different ball game. Stay cool and don’t become a statistic.

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