Walking Street is on Fire

Walking Street is on fire. Blue Sky rock club in Walking Street, Pattaya, was gutted by fire after transformers exploded outside the club this morning. Luckily, that happened in the morning, no one was injured because the place was closed and walking street was almost deserted at that time. I hate to even imagine, if that fire happened at night time, it will be disastrous.

Blue Sky club used to be in the middle of  Walking street, in front of The Pier disco club but they moved to the beginning of Walking street, couple of years back and took over Casanovy Agogo building after remodeling it and that’s where the fire happened today.  

Police and ten fire engines rushed to the scene at 7.30am as fire engulfed the area between Tankay Seafood and the Skyfall Agogo. It is a three story building.Blue-Sky-Rock-Club-Walking-Street-Pattaya-On-FireBlue-Sky-Rock-Club-Walking-Street-Pattaya-On-FireI am glad that no one was injured in that fire but sad for the band and staff who lost their jobs overnight especially I know most of them for over ten years. Oh well, Life is unpredictable, no guarantees, nothing promised!

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