Viva Junta

Junta are making rules, laws and whatever in between as they please to protect their own agenda and stay in power forever. Her son is a prominent student activist. They arrested him for protests against them so many times. Viva Junta!


Her son protested against army corruption in a multi-billion baht at Rajabhakti Park in Hua Hin. Their intimidations and tactics didn’t work with him. He keeps coming back with his peaceful protests so they decided to go after his mother and arrest her on charges of Lese Majeste, that’s 15 years in jail.


The poor mother is raising 3 kids on her own after her husband’s death. Now, she is arrested and thrown in jail awaiting trial. What a bunch of scumbags with no regards to any law or human decency.

A friend of her son sent her a Facebook chat message and she responded “Ja” means “yes”! that was it. She should told him, No don’t talk like that! No response is a Guilty response.

Welcome to JuntaLand, where Laws are written as they please. The Charges: Activist’s Mother Defamed Monarchy With Her Silence!

It’s not enough arresting the political activist student and destroying his career for expressing his views on Junta, Go arrest his mother too, the only bread winner for the family. Go after the whole family. This is true democracy.


The poor mother response: “I have no concern for politics, Whoever becomes prime minister, I’m still going to be poor. It’s a waste of time that I would rather use to earn a living.”

Job well done “Junta”. Who will provide for her 3 kids now! She was barely making ends meet with her odd jobs. You are crushing the poor!

Please, watch what you say online especially on Facebook. Junta are monitoring and watching everything. If you say “Ja”. They will add “il” and you will land in “Jail” for 15 years. 


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  1. Thailand’s King Rama IX, plunderer of Thailand and godfather of the royal mafia, he’s the true and only ruler of Thailand.

    Viva la Bhumibol – so you can live your sick, miserable life as you cause it for your folk!

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