Visa Run

Second suspect in Erawan shrine bombing was arrested at Sa Kaeo on the Thai-Cambodian border.

the second suspect was caught at the Thai-Cambodian border in Sa Kaew province.



To all the foreigners who are staying in Thailand, following the visa rules and spending so much money to do the right thing. Simply Stupid.

A Muslim Terrorist with a fake passport pays only 18,000 Baht to Sa Kaeo immigration police to get in and out of Thailand, with a fake passport. I don’t know, if that is a discounted wholesale price, especially for him because he smuggles so many Uighurs that way.  

The chief of Sa Kaeo immigration police, Pol Col Pairat Pukcharoen, and five other officers have been transferred to Bangkok for taking bribes. After the foreign suspect who was arrested at an apartment in Nong Chok district told police that he paid Sa Kaeo immigration police to enter Thailand.

He was using a fake passport and took a flight from Turkey to Vietnam then to Laos. From Laos, he hired a vehicle to take him to Cambodia, and entered Thailand via the Sa Kaew border checkpoint where he paid 18,000 baht to officials there so that he did not have to use his fake passport to go through a regular immigration procedure.

You bunch of corrupted “criminals in uniform”. All Erawan shrine victims’ blood is on your hands. You should be prosecuted, not transferred to inactive post in Bangkok.

So the suspect talked, why the police didn’t announce his nationality until now!

Bangkok-Bombing-Suspect-Yusufu- Bangkok-Bombing-Suspect-Yusufu-1 Bangkok-Bombing-Suspect-Yusufu



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