The Abandoned Sons “of+by” King Maha Vajiralongkorn

King Vajiralongkorn Sons

Prince Vajiralongkorn was introduced to an aspiring actress Yuvadhida Polpraserth. She became his steady companion and gave birth to his first son, Prince Juthavachara Mahidol, on 29 August 1979. He later had three more sons and a daughter by her.

They were married at a palace ceremony in February 1994, where they were blessed by the King and the Princess Mother, but not by Queen Sirikit .

In 1996, two years after the wedding, Mom Sujarinee decamped to Britain with all her children, while Vajiralongkorn placed posters  all around his palace accusing her of committing adultery with Anand Rotsamkhan, a 60-year-old air marshal.

Later, the prince abducted the daughter “Princess Sirivannavari” and brought her back to Thailand, whilst Sujarinee and her sons were stripped of their diplomatic passports and royal titles. Sujarinee and her sons moved to the United States.

Job Well Done!


Juthavachara received a bachelor’s degree in avionics and maintenance and a master’s degree in aeronautical science. After working in the aviation industry, he is now attending law school in pursuit of a Juries Doctor degree.



Vacharaesorn, after receiving his bachelor’s degree in political science, a Juris Doctor, and a Master of Law (LLM), is now a practicing attorney.


Chakriwat, received his bachelor’s degree in psychobiology with a chemistry minor, he is currently attending medical school, and will soon begin his clinical rotations. Chakriwat has been battling Neurofibromatosis (type II) since he was thirteen years old. The disease causes tumors to appear along his nervous system, and surgery or radiation treatment is required every year or so to remove or otherwise treat these tumors. Due to numerous radiation treatments he has received, there has been some damage to his acoustic nerve, and he became deaf in one ear.


Vatchrawee -United Nations
Vatchrawee -United Nations

Vatchrawee double-majored in International Business and Finance, and has a Master of Business Administration. He is now attending law school in pursuit of a Juries Doctor degree. He works in the United Nations.

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The abandoned second wife of Thailand's crown prince Vajiralongkorn "Mom Yuvadhida (Mom Benz)", with two of their sons, in Nepal on holiday
The abandoned second wife of Thailand’s crown prince Vajiralongkorn “Mom Yuvadhida (Mom Benz)”, with two of their sons, in Nepal on holiday

Mom Benz and her son

They have been abandoned and barred from Thailand by their father, Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn. What a Prince. The next king, who will be the Father of the Nation and all the Thai people. Rejoice.

The New King abandoned his own children but he will be Father for all the Thai people. Cheers Thailand! Buddha have mercy on Human decency!

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  1. He should be proud of such capable and hardworking sons. Well done to the mother for bringing them up so well, and so united. God bless them.

  2. Whilst we may be silenced in Thailand, no one is above the law of “Good Parental practice”. Something your beautiful and courageous mother has achieved. I have asked around locally and many were quick to tell me this was a taboo subject but off the record say you should have been allowed to see your Great Grandfather to say farewell. God bless King Bhumibol Adulyadej and your Royal Highness’s

  3. A father who abandons his children is neither human being nor animal. Even beasts ackowledge and protect their offsprings. The creature who sired these admirable and talented young men is indescribably evil. My sympathies go to the four royal sons and their mother… may God bless and protect them.

  4. What do you experct from the Thai Elite? To behave well and set an example for all Thais? Well you re in tne wrong country, read more about these pillars of society ie Red Bull heir. They are trash dressed in gold…..time for a change!!

  5. Who knows what this will mean for Thailand…it may mean initial suffering for them but maybe in the future, something good for the whole of Thailand. The boys are, after all, royal blood despite the stripping of the titles.

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