Sia O is Psycho.

Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn revenge is always brutal. He is the one who ordered the arrest of CIB chief. Police General Pongpat Chayapan who is the uncle of Princess Srirasmi.

Thai Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn has formally repealed the royal surname Akharapongpreecha (the family name of his wife, Princess Srirasmi)
Thai Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn has formally repealed the royal surname Akharapongpreecha (the family name of his wife, Princess Srirasmi)

The police arrested more of Princess Srirasmi Akharaphongpreecha family. They arrested Natthapol Akharaphongpreecha, Sitthisak Akharaphongpreecha and Narong Akharaphongpreecha. Princess Srirasmi elder sister who is married to Pol. Col. Kowit, also arrested.

The 42-year-old consort regarded in Thai society circles as a onetime cocktail hostess, married Vajiralongkorn in 2001 and is his third wife.


A fourth wife is already ensconced in the palace and she has a boy with the prince. She was an air hostess for Thai Airways. Her nickname is “Nui”. The crown prince was spending most of his time in the last 4 years with her in Germany.

According to several sources, the crown prince has asked the Privy Council, the king’s advisers, for the monarch’s permission to divorce Srirasmi but reportedly the Privy Council refused as they did not wish to disturb the ailing king,Bhumibol Adulyadej, who at 87 years of age is in extremely ill health after having suffered a stroke that has basically incapacitated him.

The sons and their mother, pictured with the Crown Prince, above, live in exile
The sons and their mother, pictured with the Crown Prince, above, live in exile

History repeats itself. It bears resemblance to the prince’s marriage to his second wife, charitably described as an aspiring actress who was also commissioned as a major in the Royal Thai Army at the prince’s behest and who participated in royal ceremonies.

Sia O and Yuwathida were still married when Sia O met Srirasmi. So he began spreading rumors that his wife was selling amphetamines and that she was having an affair. All lies, of course, but it did the trick. Accused of adultery, she was forced to flee to the United Kingdom with their four children. They were stripped of their passports. After the divorce, the two of them married in secret. Thai people were not officially told of the marriage until several years later.

Thailand rejoice. Here is the future king of Thailand. He is suppose to be a Father figure for the Nation, for all the Thai people. He exiled his own kids and disowned them. Don’t put your hopes high. Don’t expect much from a Sia O Psycho.


The prince, however, abducted their daughter Princess Sirivannavari and brought her back to Thailand to live with him.

Thus the reasons for the arrests of Vajiralongkorn’s allies on the police force remain unknown. But one thing is clear. It probably doesn’t signal a wider cleanup of the police.  Vajiralongkorn reportedly has abandoned Thaksin to make common cause with Prayuth and the military in return for the junta’s support to become king.

“Real reform would require a total overhaul of the police system in Thailand as the force is built on corruption,” said a longtime expatriate businessman. “It is compulsory from the first month a recruit joins the force. If you see any deep systemic reforms being undertaken, then that is a reason to be optimistic. The arrest of a few officers out of thousands does not have much significance.”

That said, the authorities apparently have made an amazing haul in the arrest including assets worth up to 10 billion baht in cash, gold, land deeds, Buddhist amulets and antiques.

So to the corrupt “Royal” Thai Police. Rest assured, it’s a Royal personal matter. It’s not a war against corruption. There is no reform by arresting only 7 officers. The whole “Royal” Thai Police is corrupt. 

To the Thai people who rejoiced of the arrests and thought corruption is coming to an end. Sorry, to inform you. It was Royal orders by unstable “Sia O” Prince.

We can’t talk about it, because of Lese Majeste Law. You went so far Sia O, you think you are unstoppable, untouchable with the help of your little puppets who crawl under your feet. I tell what, Psycho prince. A curse from my side to you is unstoppable and you deserve it. Let no magic in your side of the world can even comprehend it. You are done. What a wasted, spoiled, unworthy piece of “history” called “Ma  ha   Vajira  long  korn”. Requesting a name change for the Crown Prince from “Long Korn” to “Long Horn”. 

The Untouchables

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