Twisted Justice.


Ying..Luck ran out of Luck. Yingluck was impeached and banned from from participating in politics for 5 years. She could faces up to 10 years in prison after prosecutors on Friday said they will indict her on corruption charges over the rice scheme.

It’s sad to watch the manipulated Thai injustice system in full view. What a disgrace, a broken system from top to bottom. A political tool in the wrong hands. No one believe in Thai justice anyway.

The corrupted triangle “Army+Elite+Thai Justice system” hoped and wished that Yingluck will flee Thailand and go into exile like her brother Thaksin but she didn’t and seems she will be facing them head on.

After her impeachment. Yingluck was not allowed to hold a news conference, threatened that martial law is still active. Excerpts from her posted statement on Facebook.

  • Democracy has died in Thailand today, along with the rule of law.
  • The move to destroy me is still on-going and I face it now, I am strongly determined to fight until the end to prove my innocence, regardless of what the outcome may be.
  • Reconciliation is possible without attempts to corner one person in particular. I don’t hold any positions. What I have left is the legal case imposed on me to fight it in court.
  • I am saddened, not because I have been bullied and am suffering unfair fate, but because I feel sorry for farmers and all the Thai people who lost their opportunity and were forced back to live in the endless cycle of poverty, debt, and exploitation. They also lost the basic rights of democracy, and the laws are being distorted.
  • Finally, I hope that the individuals who administer justice of the country will not allow any group who disrespects democratic rules and disregards rules of law to be influential ever again. As an academic has said: “if there is no Yingluck, Thai people can still live on. But, more importantly, if there is no justice left in the governance of Thailand, no one can live on.”

Yingluck [18 years] during orientation day - 1985 Crown College
Yingluck [18 years] during orientation day – 1985 Crown College
NLA members are so happy after Yingluck impeachment vote, joking with a cut throat motion and taking selfies. Prayuth must be proud of you. Job will done. Pride of Thailand !

Anyway, you are just making a Hero out of Yingluck. History will remember The first female PM in Thailand, the First PM impeached in Thailand. The first person in the world impeached without holding a public office, what a joke called Thai justice system. Maybe, she will win the Noble prize next for standing up for democracy, the poor and fighting against corrupted Junta Coup. Who knows!


Keep the good work, Prayuth and the gang. Write the constitution as you like, at least you included the term third gender for the first time in Thailand constitution, that will make general Prem happy. Now, he can wear his sexy dress and marry his boy friend. Forget about democracy and people’s rights. Forget about votes and elections. Just do whatever you like. It’s your Mama’s backyard. Poor people don’t even exist or have the right to breath. You are the best breed on the face of that earth. We are so lucky to have you as a prime minister. I hope that you have a good mood today.

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