Inspired by Toon

This is Thailand that I love. It’s nice to see a selfless act of kindness from someone who cares for the poor while the corrupt elite are crushing the poor.

Toon, the lead singer for Bodyslam has been running across Thailand since Nov 1, raising money for 11 hospitals, that provide care for the poor.

He started his cross country charity run in the Muslim provinces of Yala and Pattan in the deep south with no fear for his safety. He will cover over 2,000 km in 2 month, all the way north to Mae Sai on Thailand-Myanmar border. He has raised 702 million baht, passing his target of 700 million baht after running 1500 km.

 What if! These people on top and running the country were like Toon. Will Thailand be like Singapore or surpass it.

Tigers “Thieves” of the East!

A bunch of greedy corrupt elite thieves who are robbing the country of its riches and future with no shame in broad day light. It’s a gold mine. Milk it while you can!

When you hire your son and relatives in high positions because of your power, influence and connections, you are robbing a more qualified hardworking citizen of their future+right+hope.  

Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwan refused on Dec 6 to elaborate on the undeclared expensive Richard Mille watch on his wrist ( The cheapest Richard Mille watch is 1 million baht and the price can go to 60 million baht, it depends on the model).

How a man with 832,640 baht salary, has all that wealth. Nice to be Tigers “Thieves” of the East!

Did the watch and the diamond ring came from the wasted money of 1 Billion Baht on Rajabhakti Park in Hua Hin which was infested with Commissions and corruptions!


Long Live King Toon

Be careful. Watch your back King Toon! You are being treated with so much love and admiration in-n-out of Thailand. That’s not good for the mighty King Vajiralongkorn and Junta. You paved the way to win any elections with the majority of the votes easily. Let’s hope that you don’t get charged with Lese Majeste or defamation for being so popular+so loved.

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