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Thai court ruling in PM Yingluck Shinawatra’s power abuse case Today. I don’t have to sit and wait for the court ruling. I already know the Thai Court Corrupt System. I already know for sure, The Thai Court will remove Yingluck Shinawatra from office. Corrupt people, Corrupt Law, Corrupt system. let’s wait for the court ruling and I hope I am Wrong. But, I Doubt it..

As I expected from the corrupt Thai System. The court rules. Yingluck Goes.

Yingluck crushed by the “Corrupt Triangle = Army+Senior Judges+The Elite” doing the same old undemocratic tactics because they know they can’t beat Yingluck at the Vote box.

It is this corrupt triangle rather than the country’s electorate that determines who will govern here in Thailand. This corrupt triangle has deposed three democratically elected prime ministers since 2006 and here we go again, one goes out today.

It seems to me the main goal of  that “corrupt triangle” is eradicating the Shinawatra family from Thai politics. They have justified their vendetta by accusing Thaksin of everything from treason, corruption, conflict of interest and authoritarianism to concealing wealth and insulting the revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Their hate comes from the fact that the billionaire Thaksin successfully parlayed a populist agenda into broad popularity, especially in the rural north and northeast, that has allowed him and parties linked to him to win elections repeatedly. The so-called “The Elite” have not won a national election since Thaksin’s first win in 2001.

His enemies are motivated by “a fear of Thaksin and the prospect of never winning elections under democratic rules. That scares them. It leaves the old elites powerless against future dominance and money.

  • Her Crime was abusing her power. Thawil’s transfer was motivated by nepotism.
  • Thawil Pliensri, was the head of the National Security Council. He was appointed by a previous government that was deeply hostile to Yingluck’s party, and he was publicly critical of her government. So after winning the 2011 election she moved him to a different post and put in a national security head of her own choice.
  • In most democratic countries that would be seen as a normal part of politics.
  • So the actual complaint the Constitutional Court ruled on was that Yingluck actually replaced Thawil with a general called Paradorn Pattanatabut, who is not a relative, but his promotion allowed a distant relative of hers, also a general, to move up in the hierarchy, which is normal. It didn’t give him political power or more money, but any old accusation will do if the court works for the opposition. The Constitutional Court found Yingluck guilty of nepotism and ordered her to step down.
  • The Elite wants “political reforms” that would prevent the rural poor, Thaksin’s biggest source of support, from voting at all. 

  • The Big problem for them now, is that Thais now expecting that they will have a political voice in the government of their country.


Who is the Idiot?

yingluck-shinawatraYingluck Shinawatra is not an Idiot! Her father was a member of parliament for Chiang Mai. She is a descendant of the ruling monarch of Chiang Mai through her grandmother, Princess Jantip Na Chiang Mai (Great-great-granddaughter of King Dharmalangka of Chiang Mai). Yingluck graduated with a BA degree from the Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration, Chiang Mai University in 1988 and received a MPA degree (specialization in Management Information Systems) from Kentucky State University in 1991.

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