Suspected mastermind of Tony Kenway murder in Pattaya arrested in Cambodia

Cambodian Police arrested “Toby James Nelhams” , the alleged mastermind of Tony Kenway murder in Pattaya was questioned at the Phnom Penh Municipal Court. Toby denied the charges against him and he had no passport on him when he was arrested in Cambodia. Toby vs Tony!

Toby James Nelhams Toby James Nelhams Toby James Nelhams


Tony Kenway, 39, was shot dead in Thailand,  while sitting in the driver’s seat of his Porsche, after finishing his workout at sports club in Pattaya-Thailand. The police is still investigating the case but Thai police is corrupt to the core and their final conclusion will be as well. Kenway’s wife Somporn, 32, told police that her husband had set up a company doing website design at Jomtien Beach.

Tony Kenway, 39, was shot dead in Thailand, while sitting in the driver's seat of his Porsche,But in reality, Kenway ran Wolf of Wall Street-style boiler room scam that tricked Brits and Australians out of millions of pounds.

Kenway’s Facebook post on Dec 31, 2016 using Leonardo DiCaprio from his famous movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”. That didn’t workout well! Maybe the “The Wolf of Walking Street” or “The Walking Dead

Tony Kenway had a call center that employed foreign staff and made calls to Australia and Britain. He had two different companies that were involved in the scam. The aim was to get people abroad to give their life savings. It was not small amounts.  He pushed them for big investments. He promised them a big win. Like winning the lottery.

The people who paid the money lost out. It was big amounts, millions and millions of Thai baht that many different people paid to him.

Kenway’s staff offered stakes in different web ventures, including gambling sites which would eventually collapse or be sold with a far lower return to the investors.

Kenway had reportedly asked the Thai police to arrest a former business partner who owed him £200,000. His former partner had moved to Cambodia to set up a similar operation, but it failed!

thai-authorities-were-trying-to-deport-kenwayCourt documents – dated September 27 2016 – say Kenway was caught working illegally and the government had tried to deport him but he had been bailed by a friend. He had been ordered to stop working in Thailand and was due back in court next month to answer more charges of hiring foreigners and working illegally.

He owned at least five properties in Thailand and a number of sports cars as well as several different business ventures.tony-kenway-7tony-pans-kenway-audi

If that camera wasn’t around, that case will be closed by the mighty Thai Police as he committed suicide in his Porsche. Anyway, it was a business deal that went wrong and was settled with street justice.

tony-kenway-future-king-oct-18-2014Tony Kenway, 39, originally from Southampton, had been living in Thailand since 2010 and got married to Pans, 32 in Nov, 2012 

tony-kenway-5 tony-kenway-3tony-kenway-15

His wife gave birth to a boy in Sep, 2016tony-kenway-13 tony-kenway-14 tony-kenway-16

tony-kenway-9tony-kenway-11tony-kenway-12tony-kenway-4tony-kenway-6tony-kenway-and-his-wife-pans-kenway-0 tony-kenway-8

The police traced the motorbike used for the murder of Tony Kenway to 27-year-old Miles Dicken Turner, a British national and 23-year-old Abel Bonito Caldeira from South Africa. They escaped to Cambodia. These are the most dumb criminals, you will ever see. They use their real IDs to rent a motorbike used for murder.abel-bonito-caldeira-miles-turner-dicken

The killer Abel Bonito Caldeira has a Facebook page. What a Dumb Hit-man!


Caldeira used to own and run the Settlers Pub in Orkney in North West – South Africa but he sold the bar and moved to Cambodia last year to join his mother and stepfather‚ Louis Traut who had moved to Cambodia several years ago.

Abel with his mother Albertina Traut - 2012
Abel with his mother Albertina Traut – 2012
Abel with his mother Albertina Traut – 2010. What happened! To become a Killer!

Exchange of Facebook posts between Tony Kenway and  Abel Bonito Caldeira.

Tony Kenwaytony-kenway

Abel Bonito Caldeira

abel-bonito-caldeira-2 abel-bonito-caldeira-3

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