Tim Ward Sharky Saga Continues

Tim Ward Sharky, Australia Gold Coast’s crook got ripped off by Pattaya police. I found it really ironic. Loans shark and gangster got his gold and money stolen by the “Royal” Thai Police in Pattaya.

Watching Sharky goes to the police station asking for his money and gold is funny as hell. Looking at the video, makes you wonder what a “WEAK” Police. How Tim Sharky gets away with that shark attack at the police station!. It must be size and money matters ‘Amnat Khong Ngern’. Where are the vulnerable poor, (small size) Burmese so the “Royal” Thai Police can shine with their intimidation and abuse.

We have to wait and see. Are we going to hear in the news later on, that Sharky jumped from his building 27 floor and committed suicide, or he shot himself in the head, or he went swimming and drowned.

“Royal” Pattaya Police is so creative. Anyway for the time being, just watch the video and enjoy “Shark attack”.


Pattaya Police Chief begins investigation into Tim “Sharky” Ward..!!

the Pattaya Police Chief announced on Tuesday that he has begun an investigation into an Australian National who recently confronted Officers at Pattaya Police Station over allegations of theft of money and gold.

Police Colonel Supatee, who is also a Deputy Commander of Chonburi Provincial Police, spoke with Pattaya Journalists on Tuesday at an outdoor event and announced that he has already reported the incident to his superiors and is conducting an investigation in conjunction with Chonburi Immigration which could ultimately see him deported from Thailand as he is considered a “Danger to Society”.

Mr. Timothy Ward, also known as “Sharky” has openly criticized the Police over the handling of a case where Mr. Ward reported the theft of 4 Million Baht. The Colonel explained that as part of their investigation, an apartment belonging to Mr. Ward was searched and during that time a “pipe”, commonly used to ingest narcotics was found. Mr. Ward claims that 1 Kilo of Gold and 1 Million Baht in cash was stolen by Police during their visit to the apartment and allegations that narcotics were “planted” by Police during the raid have also been made by Mr. Ward, who was held in custody for a time at Pattaya Police Station but was not charged with any drug offences.

The Colonel has reported numerous offensive remarks towards the Police Mr. Ward is alleged to have posted on Facebook, and is concerned that Mr. Ward is armed with a knife in public, an allegation he has yet to prove. He also notes threats to take his story to International Media Outlets should his valuables not be returned.

For these reasons the investigation into Mr. Ward, involving Pattaya Police, Chonburi Special Investigations Unit and Chonburi Immigration, has begun.

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