Thugs with Money

sasa-ek-socheataA Cambodian tycoon, Sok Bun, who was caught on video dragging an actress off a leather couch at a Phnom Penh restaurant, throwing her to the ground, kicking her head and then hitting her, has fled the country.

Attempts to buy off actress and TV personality failed when Sasa, whose real name is Ek Socheata turned down the tycoon’s offer of $40,000 which was later upped to $200,000 to “make the case go away”. You are really Cheap and Stupid. At least start with $2 million after all that beating.

Sok Bun - Sasa
Sok Bun – Sasa

“I cannot forget what he did to me. I don’t want his money. I want to see him in court,” Sasa said.

The 28 year old actress said that she was protecting a Japanese  friend from the drunken advances of Sok Bun in the early hours of 2 July when he flew into a rage . His bodyguard is seen in the video pointing a pistol at the actress’ head as Sok Bun attacked her.

Sok Bun, 37, married, property tycoon issued a statement on Tuesday saying that he made a mistake and was trying to pay for it.

Does money buy anything! Not Sasa, The Amazing brave young woman in Cambodia who stood up and protected her Japanese friend with no Fear. Moments like such, define us. Your Japanese friend is lucky to have you as as friend! Heart of a Lion! 

“I, Sok Bun, deeply regret what happened. I could not control myself,” he said. In a second statement, also issued the same day, said he was “absent from Cambodia” for medical treatment and will return when “my security is guaranteed.” I really feel bad for you. I hope you get better soon. What a coward!


He has also appealed to Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen to take pity on him and guarantee his freedom. Pity on him! What about that poor little girl who was attacked with not only you but with your security “Scumbag” with a gun! Yes, Let’s all feel Pity on you and let you go free for your Money! Your highness wants to stay in Singapore or want to come back to Cambodia to be with the family!

Back in the days, no video cameras, no internet or Facebook. A case like this will never be known or prosecuted. Let’s see how Cambodia’s justice system works! Is it the same as in Thailand! No Justice and Money rules!

Recent Updates

  • Real estate tycoon Sok Bun, was arrested at Phnom Penh International Airport and sent to Prey Sar prison after being questioned at court.
  • On Friday, it emerged that the friend whom Bun attempted to take advantage of in the video, a Japanese national who has since fled the country, has filed a separate police complaint accusing Bun of rape in an earlier incident. 
  • According to court documents, Bun stands charged with “intentional violence with aggravating circumstances” under article 217 of the penal code. If found guilty, he faces a prison term of two to five years.
  • Bun’s bodyguard, who Socheata claims pulled the trigger of his pistol only for it to fail to discharge, has been charged with attempted murder and remains at large.
  • Phnom Penh Municipal Court Judge Sor Lina on Monday (Feb 15, 2016) sentenced Sok Bun to 3 years in prison but suspended all but 10 months. 4 months of prison time is left after counting time served.

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