The Pride of Thailand

A Jealous Thai wife found out that her husband bar fined and banged that 20 year old Laotian girl. Rather than deal with her husband’s infidelity in a civilized manner. No, Let’s go after the weak, the vulnerable  and send 8 Thugs to attack that poor girl in front of her Karaoke bar in Thonburi. The poor girl suffered multiple injuries to her head, eye and body and a broken finger.

The poor Laotian girl was trafficked into prostitution in Thailand so she can provide for her family back in Laos. She can’t go to Pattaya or Phuket on her own and hit the freelance scene because she is a Laotian sex slave for Thai customers.

Job well done for these brave strong 8 Thai Thugs “The Pride of Thailand” who attacked, kicked and punched that defenseless girl.lao-beaten-in-thailand

Be Grateful for the Jealous wife that she didn’t order her gang to throw Acid on your face and disfigure you for life!




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