The Lunatic Dictator – Hun Sen

Cambodia’s Prime minister Hun Sen is so mad that he’s asking the Interpol to arrest the person who altered his wife’s photo to look standing with her legs spreading wide, stating “The act damages the honor and dignity of the First Lady of Cambodia.”


The one who posted the photo on Facebook is Cambodian who lives overseas. Will the Interpol acknowledge Cambodia’s request, arrest him and send him to Cambodia to face prosecution for that “international criminal act” of insulting the first lady! Absolutely Not! Simply stupid, so out of touch with reality!

The corrupt lunatic dictator Hun Sen, prime minister of Cambodia for the last 31 years, made him a billionaire. The former Khmer Rouge commander is using violence, extrajudicial killings, torture, arbitrary arrests, elections fraud and corruption to run Cambodia. Hun Sen’s main tactic has been the threat and use of force. Hundreds of opposition figures, journalists, union leaders, and others have been killed in politically motivated attacks. Although in many cases the killers are known, in not one case has there been a credible investigation and prosecution, let alone conviction. Worse, many have been promoted.
The one who should be arrested and prosecuted is you “Hun Sen”, for the crimes committed against Cambodia and the people.

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