Suthep Thaugsuban

Former prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and his former deputy Suthep Thaugsuban, who is currently in the monk hood, appeared in court Monday (July 28) to deny a murder charge over a bloody crackdown on opposition “Red Shirt” supporters in 2010. The judge ordered the pair to return on August 28 for the next hearing in their joint trial.


Don’t worry. Be Happy. Murder Charges, no big deal. You guys are no “Red Shirts“. You just have “Red Blood” on your hands. You guys are untouchables. Junta is on your side. It’s only a show. Good to go. Case Closed.

I really don’t understand, why general Prayuth didn’t include Amnesty for both of you in his constitution. Extra article doesn’t hurt no one. Same like article 48, which protects the coup-makers from prosecution.

Let it be Article 49, protection for the “Monk and the Punk” from prosecution. 

Update on 8/28/2014

Thai Court Drops Murder Charges Against Former PM and Deputy. No Surprise. Expected. Good Job “Thai Justice System”. Only 90 Red Shirts Lives. No big deal.

The sad thing, reading 8/27/2014 news.

Military Court sentences 7 anti-coup protesters to 3 months in jail and 10,000 Baht for silent protest at McDonald’s Chiang Rai Central Plaza branch.

“Thai Justice System”  needs Justice. needs to be color blind, money blind. Not only  Just.. us..

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