The Good, the Bad and the Evil

The Good


Dan Price, Founder and C.E.O. of Gravity, surprised his 120-person staff by announcing to raise the salary of even the lowest-paid clerk, customer service representative and salesman to a minimum of $70,000.

He would pay for the wage increases by cutting his own salary from nearly $1 million to $70,000 and using 75 to 80 percent of the company’s anticipated $2.2 million in profit this year.

What a decent man. Who cares about his employees and trying to make a difference. He has it all but he is not “a Show-off” man. He has been driving the same Audi car for 12 years while someone else in his age and success will be driving a Ferrari.

I think, he should increase his salary to $200, 000. It’s hard to live on $70,000/year nowadays.

To other greedy CEOs who are making $20-$100 millions. I hope that will be an example to follow. I don’t see any justification for that wage gap and income inequality.

Just click here to read more about another good man from China. 

The Bad

Too much money in the wrong hands. It’s all about Showing-off. Floyd Mayweather will make over $150 million in 36 minutes on his next fight with Manny Pacquiao, May 2.

Words of wisdom from Mayweather “I never got involved in the sport of boxing to say ‘I’m going to fight and make hundreds of millions of dollars and just give it all away.’  If I’m gonna mess money off in a bad way, I’m going to spend it on myself.  I’m going to do what I want to do with my money.  You hear people talking about, ‘well, he should…donate to this or donate to that.’  No, I should donate to Floyd Mayweather, donate to Floyd Mayweather’s family.  Because that’s what it’s about.”


The Evil

Wicked, Evil people who give themselves the right to enslave another human being for their own benefits. Who will ever forget the black people from Africa who were chained, tortured, used, abused, treated and killed like animals for generations.

The sad thing, Slavery is still happening until now in so many countries. Domestic servants who are treated as slaves, beaten, raped and abused in harsh conditions with no salaries paid at the end.

The famous Thai fishing industry which is built on slavery, with men often beaten, tortured, killed and dropped in the sea, just to keep the big boss rich and the profits up.

It’s all about greed, power and money with no regard to any human decency or dignity.

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