The Boat People

rohingya1While Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia have turned away vessels overloaded with migrants from Myanmar’s ethnic Rohingya minority and with poor Bangladeshis.


Philippines “The Christians Infidels” took a positive role to save their lives rather than ping-pong them in high seas. Philippines proposed to send out rescue ships to pick up the boat people and save more lives. “As the only predominantly Catholic nation in Southeast Asia, it is our duty to provide succour to those in need,” presidential spokesman Coloma said.


“God gives us this chance once more to bind the wounds of body and spirit, warm the hearts and embrace in solidarity our brothers and sisters who come to us from troubled lands. Let the Philippines be a place where they can dream of a future of promise, possibly in other lands and where helping hands and generous hearts may make their dreams come true,” Philippines Archbishop Villegas said.

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  • Why the Rohingyas attacked the Buddhists “Infidels” since 1948, destroyed temples, Buddha status, raped their women etc. Do they look Burmese to you!. They look 100% Bengalis. Now, they are tasting their own medicine. Bangladeshis are attacking Buddhists left and right. Of course “Infidels” have no right to live!
  • Why Bangladeshis were banned for over 7 years from obtaining work visa from so many Arab “Muslim” countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain etc. Because they are well known of their criminal activities of murders, drugs, pimping out Filipinas, stealing and whatever illegal activities, you can think of. They just fit perfectly.
  • Why Pakistan “Muslim country” say about Bangladesh “low-lying people”.
  • Why all the illegal immigration to India “Infidel Hindus” from Bangladesh now, looking for work and better life. Funny! Ha! Bangladesh and Pakistan used to be part of India but they fought and wanted Islamic state, now you have it. Why don’t you stay in it!
  • Libya’s official government has banned Bangladeshi workers from entering the country because many were trying to travel on illegally by boat to Europe.
  • Why so many Bangladeshis are fighting with ISIS in Syria and Iraq!


  • Why fighting in a disastrous situation like that, “religion of peace“. Rohingyas & Bangladeshis fought with axes, knives & metal bars in fierce battles over dwindling supplies with at least 100 dead in one boat, after overcrowded boat abandoned by crew.


  • Why Thailand Royal Navy doesn’t paralyze these smugglers by destroying their ships and stop that Human trafficking cycle. How many human trafficking camps in Thailand. Why so many Thai government officials are involved in that human trafficking and extortion. It’s all about money!


Why Why Why!!!

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