Thailand’s Tiger Temple

Luangta Chan's injuries after he was attacked by a tiger born and reared at the Tiger TempleA monk at Thailand’s Tiger Temple has undergone 4 hours of surgery after being badly mauled by a seven-year-old tiger. The attack took place after the abbot placed a rope around the tiger’s neck and tried to walk him. The male tiger pawed his face and bit his right arm.

The temple’s tiger family began in 2001 when it agreed to care for 7 Bengal tigers recovered during a wildlife investigation, From then, the collection grew to 143 tigers roam the compound and interact with the monks and tourists is one of the most widely known attractions where tourists can come and spend the day hanging out with tigers and snapping photos for a price. It’s a lot of money for the monks and the corrupted officials.

Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation say the temple has been keeping the animals without the proper paperwork and have vowed to seize them, sparking standoffs in recent weeks between officials and angry monks blocking their way but money talks and bullsh*t walks.  Still open and the money rolls.

Anyway, if you visit the Tiger Temple. Be careful. Stay with the small baby Tigers. Don’t get scarred for life or loose your life for a photo with the Tiger.  

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