Thailand’s Tiger Temple

The famous Tiger Temple is out of business.  The tigers will be relocated from the temple to the Khao Pa Son Wildlife Breeding Centre in Ratchaburi’s Chom Bung district. 200 million Baht/year from ticket sales alone wasn’t enough for the greedy bastards. I forgot to add the extra money generated from Feeding the tigers, bathing the tigers, tiger selfies etc… Wat a money machine!

Wat! Black market Tiger Trade

In this Monday May 30, 2016 photo, a sedated tiger lies in a cage at the “Tiger Temple” in Saiyok district in Kanchanaburi province, west of Bangkok, Thailand. Wildlife officials in Thailand on Monday began removing some of the 137 tigers held at a Buddhist temple following accusations that the monks were involved in illegal breeding and trafficking of the animals.

During the raid on the temple, 40 tiger cubs had been found stuffed into the temple’s kitchen freezers, Tiger parts, Tiger skin and even a dozen protected hornbills (their “red” Ivory is more valuable than gold). It’s a black market heaven or hell!

Tigers abuse on daily bases wasn’t enough for the greedy animals, they have to trade these poor tigers in the black market where a dead tiger can be sold for a lot of money. Tiger’s skin = 700,000 baht. Baby Tiger cub = 100,000 baht. Tiger bones = 70,000 baht. Tiger penis = 40,000 baht.

Thanks to the wealthy chinese market who made profits from these endangered species and their body parts more valuable than gold.

The Chinese medicine made every part of the tiger’s body to offer some sort of health benefit:

  • Tiger’s blood is thought to build willpower
  • Tiger’s bones are said to have an anti-inflammatory effect capable of treating arthritis, headaches, and all manner of swelling.
  • Tiger’s eyeballs are used to ease epilepsy, malaria, and cataracts.
  • Tiger’s penis is particularly prized as an aphrodisiac, and is commonly prepared by soaking the dried member in water and then simmering it with herbal ingredients.
  • Tiger fecal matter is regarded as a remedy for hemorrhoids and alcoholism.

Too much money, too much greed and that former police colonel “Supitpong Pakdjarung”, who runs the temple’s business operation didn’t pay the right amount of “Tea” money to the right people to keep the party going.

Tiger retaliation: on May 2015, The head monk at Thailand’s Tiger Temple has undergone 4 hours of surgery after being badly mauled by a seven-year-old tiger. The attack took place after the abbot placed a rope around the tiger’s neck and tried to walk him. The male tiger pawed his face and bit his right arm.

The temple’s tiger family began in 2001 when it agreed to care for 7 Bengal tigers recovered during a wildlife investigation, From then, the collection grew to 143 tigers roam the compound and interact with the monks and tourists is one of the most widely known attractions where tourists can come and spend the day hanging out with tigers and snapping photos for a price. A lot of money for the monks and the corrupted officials.

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