Thailand's Dictator

Thailand’s Dictator

Thailand’s Military mastered the road to Dictatorship since 1932 and Thailand’s Dictator is doing his best to stay in power for as much as he can. Sweeping powers of arrest, detention, and Article 44 that give Prayuth the ultimate power to do what he pleases. Media control took Thailand 50 years backward. Will their old tactics succeed in year 2017! So far, it did!

Expanding his power base through nepotism and corruption

Surrounding himself with loyal people who he can trust to do what’s best for him and his close elite friends not the country.   

Keep it in the army family, “Tigers of the East” club. NLA members get paid an extra bonus of BT110,000/month beside their regular job’s salary. Some of them don’t even show up for the meetings as Gen. Preecha Chan-ocha (the younger brother of Prayuth) but still gets paid and still a valuable “Useless” member in NLA!

Curb public protest by the use of force

Thailand’s military is the best in overthrowing democracies in favor of dictatorships. Human lives doesn’t matter in Thailand. They always come up with a justification for their brutal actions! “They are communists” “They are against the King”!  

No political gathering, no protests and no oppositions to the rulers of the country. It’s a free ride for the Dictator!

Even the Monks didn’t escape their tactics!

Control the political enemies

Get rid of the political enemies, Lese Majeste law comes very handy, or embrace them with a tight bear hug to neutralize them. After detaining all of their political enemies for a week with a slogan “Time to Think”, and forcing them to sign a piece of paper not to oppose them or they will face jail time.

Thailand’s military junta has fined former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra 35 billion baht ($1.3 billion) and ordered to have her assets seized from the  civil-liability lawsuits, criminal lawsuits will follow with jail time if convicted.

Media Control

Control the free flow of information, no criticism. Turn the media into a propaganda machine for Junta’s regime, public image and shield them from criticism.  Arresting and prosecuting any reporter who criticize their regime. Even the Internet didn’t escape their tactics. They shut down Facebook in the beginning of the Coup and recently, they forced AIS phone company to block their signal at Wat Dhammakaya.

Tigers of the East. Thailand's Dictator Prime Minister Prayuth and Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwan
Tigers of the East. Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayuth and Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwan

Now they are trying to pass The media reform bill might that will result in the ability to control who gets to publish newspapers or who gets to report news or not. Actually it’s like a 40 year backward.

Create an ideology to justify the dictatorship

Defending the country, Bring happiness to the people, traditions and the king.

BANGKOK, THAILAND –  A Thai Royal Army Band performing during the “bring happiness back to Thais” event organize by Thai Royal Army at Santichai Pragan park in Bangkok. Chief of National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) General Prayuth Chan-ocha said a first phase of about three months would focus on reconciliation with a cabinet and new draft constitution put in place and promised to hold a general election in about a year after national reforms are completed.

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