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Welcome to the Land Of Slaves. Thailand slaves, Sex Slaves, Sea Slaves, Army Slaves and Political Slaves.

general-prayuthA new U.N. treaty punishing perpetrators of forced labor passed Wednesday in a meeting of the 185 nations that comprise the International Labor Organization (ILO). While a handful of Gulf states abstained. Thailand’s new military regime voted against the measure to stop modern slavery but after couple of days on Friday, they reversed their decision on the heels of statements of shock and outrage from the international community and the fear that Thailand may be punished for allowing that exploitation.

Back in the old days. Slaves for sale in the market.

The country has been on human trafficking watch list for the past four years and without major improvements, it would be dropped to the lowest rung, Tier 3, joining the ranks of North Korea, Syria, Iran and Zimbabwe. A downgrade could lead that Thailand loose certain forms of foreign support and exchange programs as well as oppose assistance from international financial institutions such as the World Bank. The involvement of corrupt officials appears to be widespread, from protecting brothels and workplaces to cooperating directly with traffickers.

If you go around the suburbs of Bangkok, especially anywhere near an army base, you’ll find this is a common practice. Thai army officer routinely has about 3 or 4 enlisted army soldiers doing his family laundry, ironing clothes, cutting the grass, etc.  He has 3 or 4 cars which get washed and vacuumed nearly every day.  when his wife comes home from the mall, they take all of her shopping bags out the car then clean and wash the car for her. This is not a temporary detail. They live at the house for many months, of course sleeping on the floor. Power, Control, Intimidation and Abuse. That defines the Thai Royal Army culture.

seafood-slaveryImagine your own father used to work on one of those ships. Long hours, no place to go for nothing.  It’s real life. Real people that their poverty made them an easy target for slavery. It’s Tragic.

Who forgets Thai Navy role in spotting boats carrying the Rohingya refugees and putting them in the hands of the smugglers. Thai naval forces are paid about $65 per Rohingya. What a lousy business. I think under the Junta rule now. Thai Royal Navy can make 10 times that price, if they become the Smugglers themselves. Avoid the middle man. $600 per Rohingya, sell them straight to the Captain. The ship Captain is the King of the Sea and there are so many kings in that sea.

Migrant workers from Cambodia and Myanmar are forced to work in Thai fishing industry, Life on a 15-meter trawler is brutal, violent and unpredictable. 20 hours work day. Those who were too ill to work or disobedient were thrown overboard after being shot. Many of these slave ships stay out at sea for years at a time, trading slaves from one boat to another and being serviced by cargo boats, which travel out from Thai ports towards international borders to pick up the slave boats’ catch and drop off supplies.

Thai women returning home after being rescued from forced prostitution at a brothel overseas. Thailand is doing too little to prevent human trafficking into the sex trade, fishing-related industries and domestic servitude.

karen-child-slaveA 13-year-old Burmese girl who was tortured for five years by a Thai couple who treated her as a slave has finally been awarded $143,000 in compensation by a local court. “The couple is still at large, but lawyers will investigate all of the employers’ properties to compensate her”. Only on court paper, with the deep corruption in Thailand, that poor girl at the end will get nothing, not even one Baht.

The victim, who was just 7 years old when she was sold into slavery, must live with horrendous scars over half her body after she was regularly drenched with pots of boiling water for perceived disobedience.

The girl, an ethnic Karen known as Air, says she was kidnapped while her illegal-migrant parents were working in sugarcane fields in northwest Thailand. She was then sold to a Thai couple who made her work as a maid and sleep in a dog kennel. Air says she escaped once and summoned the police, only to be returned to her abusers, who allegedly cut off the tip of her ear as punishment. The girl eventually escaped successfully on Jan. 31 last year.

The couple accused of torturing Air — identified as Nathee Taengorn, 36, and Rattanakorn Piyavoratharm, 34 — skipped town after they were inexplicably released on police bail despite facing seven serious charges. Local media reports alleged the pair had “influential” connections. The police have yet to offer an explanation for Air’s claim that they returned her to her captors after her first escape bid.

It will be funny watching how Junta is going to implement that treaty. Maybe Junta should start with all these corrupt Officials who are referred to as ” Business Partners” by the smugglers and traffickers. 

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