Thailand’s Funny Jokers.

We saw how NLA members acted after Yingluck impeachment vote, joking with a cut throat motion and taking Selfies. Prayuth must be proud of you. Job will done.

To NLA members, try to act more professional because the camera is rolling and you just destroyed someone’s life.

To the NLA member who made a cut throat motion. Tough guy. You have the power with your gang. Keep the good work. Did you read Prayuth “12 core values” or that’s only for school kids.

Thailand is so proud of the selected loyal elite of former military men who will up lift Thailand’s fragile economy.  I am so confident these funny jokers will have a solid answer for this year downhill fall. The honeymoon is over. Get ready Thailand.

When the economy collapse and the rich loose their fortunes and you have no answer with your funny jokers. They will turn on you in a heart beat. It’s all about the money and there will be no money.

Stop wasting time and resources on personal vendetta and focus on how to revive Thailand’s economy.

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