Thailand Junta Corruption

What a Company! Construction company with an address of the military housing for the family. There is no valid company. The middle corrupt man who gets a cut for his family corruption, route these projects and get a fat commission for doing nothing. Thailand Junta corruption runs deep with a lot of benefits.

Corrupt as Fuck! Gen-preecha-chan-o-cha-permanent-secretary-of-the-ministry-of-defence-and-his-wife-phongphan

Did the son created that fictitious company or was his name used by his corrupt father or uncle “Prayuth”. I will never forget that corrupt “Prayuth” when he declared his assets and when questioned about 600 million baht. He claimed, it’s his fathers’s and refused to answer any more questions.


Gen Prayuth and his wife have declared a joint worth of 128 million Baht in assets ( 598 million Baht before he moved the money out of his account to his father and daughters) . Amazing Prayuth, from 598 million —>  128 million.

This corrupt family had been in the game for a long time. They mastered the corruption game, how to hide assets under close family members. How to create these middle useless companies that milk it. Of course, Prayuth will hold on to power as much as he can because once he steps down, he will be on trial and in jail for the rest of his life for all the crimes he committed and his family will follow.

I think, Thailand needs “Lese Junta 144” law. Less Majeste 112 is not enough. So anyone question Junta, will get 15 years in jail for attitude adjustment and their money will be seized for Junta to spend. Stop talking about deputy PM Prawit for wasting 20 million baht to charter Boeing 747 with a capacity of 416 passengers for his 38 members entourage to Hawaii and 600,000 baht for their flight food and drinks. That’s leading by example. Self Sufficient! Personally, I will ship that short fat guy in a box to Hawaii for 2000 baht.

Prawit Wongsuwan, the "Big Brother" of Eastern Tigers! Let's us, just call him "The Big Fat Rat"
Prawit Wongsuwan, the “Big Brother” of Eastern Tigers! Let’s us, just call him “The Big Fat Rat”

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