Thailand InJustice

Hackers attacked Thai court websites after a week from attacking most of Thailand’s Police website in retaliation for the death sentences handed down to the 2 Burmese for Koh Tao murders.

While the corrupted Thai police are spending millions on surveillance software to spy on Thailand’s citizens. Tracking the movements of almost anybody who carries a cellphone, spying on messages and phone calls. That’s why every prepaid mobile phone SIM card in Thailand had to register their personal details with their mobile network before July 31, 2015. No Privacy in JuntaLand!

We see major flaws in their computer security systems. No Layers of security. No front-end and back-end servers. Everything is on one lousy unsecured server.

  • Is it the lack of technical expertise, but that is like A..B..C in Computer Security. You don’t need an expert to figure that out.
  • Is it corruption! Rather than spending the assigned budget on hardware/software to secure these confidential information. The Budget becomes spending money for the corrupted officials.

Job well done and respect to the “Anonymous Hackers Group” for exposing these corrupted officials in JuntaLand!

Thai justice system doesn’t seek justice, if they can’t catch the real criminals or if the real criminals are rich or have connections “forget it”. They just find someone vulnerable to set them up, so they can close the case on books and their statistics looks good. What happened to a solid case backed by witness accounts, facts, documents and forensic evidence. Not in Thailand Justice System.

Poor innocent people get crushed. The rich criminal walks free with a smile on his face. Welcome to “Land of Smiles”.

After they force you to confess with a crime, that you never did. They come and tell you “If you want all these charges dropped and your case closed without trial. You have to pay that amount of money (it varies accordingly)”. If you ask them why 100,000 baht. It’s too much. Their answer will be ” your case went to the judge and we have to pay the judge too to close the case”.

What a corrupted justice system, from the judge to the police. Guarantee “No Justice”.

If you don’t have the money. You will find yourself convicted of a crime, you didn’t even commit but you were so stupid to confess that you did, because of their scary, unjust, illegal tactics. But, If you have money or connections. You are untouchable. Amazing Thailand!

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