Thailand Gambling.

Congratulation to the powerful Royal Thai Army for the major bust of 11 illegal poor gamblers in the middle of a rice field in the  northeastern province of Amnart Charoen.

What about Bangkok gambling dens. No, you can’t touch them. Why?

  • They are a major source of income for the Corrupted “Royal” Thai Police.
  • Each gambling den in Bangkok pay the police 10 million baht/month. 120 million Baht/year. Around 200 illegal gambling dens in Bangkok, pays over 2 Billion Baht/year to the hard working Police in Bangkok. That’s a lot of “Tea” money.
  • Now, you know how the Police Chief Somyos Poompanmuang net worth is 355.8 million baht.

By the way Gambling is illegal in Thailand. Why legalize it. Keep the “Tea” money flowing to the corrupted police and politicians. 

My advice to the poor people who got arrested up north.

  • Find where is the “rice field” police and pay them, some Tea money. Usually 10% to 20% from the gambling profit. For example, illegal gambling in Thailand produce 40 billion baht/year of profit. The Tea money is around 4 to 8 Billion/year. In your case, not much money. Maybe 100 to 200 Baht will keep you safe from the “Royal” Thai Police.Maybe you guys need to have a Topless dealer so you look rich as Bangkokian. Good Luck.

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