Thailand’s elites and the rest

If you wonder where is our Mighty Great King of Kings Vajiralongkorn at nowadays! You should know by now, no where else but Germany. If you made a reservation in advance for grand hotel Sonnenbichl and it was canceled by the hotel for unseen circumstances that will because our mighty King Rama X likes to travel large and in style. King Rama XXX booked the whole hotel for his large entourage, 95 rooms. That will be over 1 million baht/day. Money well spent. Long Live the King!

Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl in Bavaria, Germany
Royal Thai Air Boeing 737-800 - the plane of king Vajiralongkorn (65, Rama X.). HS-HMK.
Royal Thai Air Boeing 737-800 – the plane of King Vajiralongkorn (65, Rama X)

What if! these wasted millions were spent to alleviate Thailand’s extreme poverty 

The richest 1% of Thais own 58% of the nation’s wealth. Enough injustice, reduce that gap, give the poor a chance to climb that ladder. Give them hope in that shady future. Corruption, Thai laws, policies and in-between are for the Elites to get richer with no regard to these crushed poor. It breaks my heart while walking in Bangkok to see children sleep in the streets. Being poor in Thailand is brutal, no food, no education, no future, no help from the government. Oh my Buddha, have mercy!

Prawit! How many kids can you feed with your expensive watches! 25 watches worth over 37 million baht, including 11 Rolexes, 8 Patek Philippes and 3 Richard Milles.

Your expensive watches can feed 2 million kids! Obviously, you don’t give a damn because you are on top of the ladder and don’t see these poor people down under. Tigers “Thieves” of the East!

Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Prawit Wongsuwan explanation to NACC about his expensive watches that his businessman friend died earlier this year and he lent his watches. Some watches were not returned. Do you think anyone will believe that “Mumbo Jumbo”!

Maybe the dead friend is one of those wealthy political or “lese majeste” prisoners who were killed in jail or their money and valuables were seized! Hello Mor Yong!   Hello Pol Gen Pongpat chayapan!

A bunch of greedy corrupt elite thieves who are robbing the country of its riches and future with no shame in broad day light. It’s a gold mine. Milk it while you can!

When you hire your son and relatives in high positions because of your power, influence and connections, you are robbing a more qualified hardworking citizen of their future+right+hope.  

How a man with 832,640 baht salary, has all that wealth. Nice to be Tigers “Thieves” of the East!. It must be from the billions wasted on the corrupt army.

Did the watch and the diamond ring came from the wasted money of 1 Billion Baht on Rajabhakti Park in Hua Hin which was infested with Commissions and corruptions!

A platinum Richard Mille RM 002V2 model worth 12 million baht and a diamond ring is at least five karats, giving it a value of 4 million baht or more.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ice Blue Dial Platinum men’s watch which costs around 2 million baht.

Another expensive watch, Richard Mille RM 030, which normally costs around 4 million baht.

Last year, Prawit wasted 21 million baht to charter Boeing 747 with a capacity of 416 passengers for his 38 members entourage to Hawaii to attend an international security meeting. That’s leading by example. Self Sufficient! If I was in charge of that mess, I will ship that short fat guy in a box to Hawaii for 2000 baht!

The whole family is corrupt

 Former Chief of Police Gen. Patcharawat Wongsuwan
Former Chief of Police Gen. Patcharawat Wongsuwan

His younger brother former police chief general Patcharawat Wongsuwan, is under investigation by the NACC for being unusually rich due to his ownership of the Rungroj Rungpatchara horse stable in Saraburi reportedly worth hundreds of millions of baht and also faces charges of concealing his wealth by putting his wife and daughter’s names as co-owners of a resort in Samut Prakan province.

The sad reality, while he is under investigation for his unusual wealth, he is a member in National Legislative Assembly (NLA) that will draft the law for Zero Corruption! What a joke! Abuse of power by those in power!

Only in Thailand, the criminals sits on the panel that drafts the criminal law that will prosecute them. This is the ultimate Thai Democracy!

No need to worry, the man in charge of NACC (National Anti-Corruption Commission) is well connected to that corrupt family. Pol Gen Watcharapol was a close aide of former police chief Pol Gen Patcharawat Wongsuwon, and after the May 2014 coup, Pol Gen Watcharapol was appointed secretary-general handling political affairs for Gen Prawit. This is called Thai Elites! Connections!

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