Thailand Education in a Box.

Since the military coup, academics and students get summoned to a military camp and threatened with guns and enforced-disappearance. Forcing them to keep their mouth shut.

I really feel bad for Junta. They finally controlled the 3-fingered salute. Academics are now protesting against the junta and the suppression of free speech by using a metal box. Yes, a metal box, or ‘Peep’ in Thai.

This comes from the Thai proverb “wanting to cover one’s head with a metal box”, meaning you feel so ashamed that you do not want anyone to see your face so you cover your head with a metal box.


To all of you with a metal box on your head. Don’t stand against Junta. Don’t stand for what is right. Junta will place you in a big metal box for good. Don’t play these boxes games. It’s dangerous. Junta box is bigger than your box.

Prayuth is doing his best to improve Thailand education system. Let’s take a look at Prayuth education reform.

  • Prayuth removed Thaksin name from all the text books. Erasing history with millions of baht to reprint these text books.
  • Prayuth wrote the “12 core values”. All the students will be required to recite them daily. A song of the 12 core values is in the making. Don’t forget the first song, Prayuth wrote and was forced on everyone. That Prayuth is a man with so many jobs ( Army Commander, Junta Leader, PM, Song writer) and talents.
1. Love for the nation, religions and monarchy
2. Honesty, patience and good intention for the public
3. Gratitude to parents, guardians and teachers
4. Perseverance in learning
5. Conservation of Thai culture
6. Morality and sharing with others
7. Correctly understanding democracy with the monarchy as head of the state
8. Discipline and respect for the law and elders
9. Awareness in thinking and doing things, and following the guidance of His Majesty the King
10. Living by the sufficiency economy philosophy guided by His Majesty the King
11. Physical and mental strength against greed
12. Concern about the public and national good more than self-interest.
  • The merit passport, would become an important criterion in the competitive university admission process nationwide.
Education-Minister- Sudhasri-Wongsesmarn shows-meirt-passport
Education-Minister- Sudhasri-Wongsesmarn shows-meirt-passport

Students, go recite Prayuth “12 daily values”, rather than wasting papers and writing “Waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” {woman sound screaming in Thai to mock junta}.

Is that what you call education reform. Thailand’s poor standing in a recent global survey on the quality of education is alarming. Thailand is ranked seventh among the 10 member-states of Asean, just behind Laos. Thailand’s quality of higher education is ranked eighth in Asean, while Laos is again in sixth spot.

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth has criticized television soap operas for promoting violence and divisions in society, and says he will write them himself if he has to. “You are the man”. You can do it all. Act in them too. Let’s make it “One man Show”.

Let me go sing the “12 core values” by Prayuth, so I get high grades in my “merit passport” and I scream with a loud voice “Thaksin didn’t exist”.

I feel so smart now and well educated. Thanks “Pray  uth”. Music to my ears. Please, write another song.

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