Murders on Koh Tao

Murders on Koh Tao, British tourists bodies were found beaten to death, bloodied bodies found naked on Koh Tao beach, Thailand. The bodies were found at around 6.30am on Monday morning by workers, employed to clean the beach.

Is Koh Tao island, a paradise or death trap! Horrific rapes, brutal murders and corrupt police. What a nightmare for the holiday seekers.

There had been a beach party the previous evening, just a few hundred meters from where they were found on Sai Ree beach.

David Miller, 24, from Jersey. He was chopped in the back and on the side of his head.

Murders on Koh Tao David Miller - Murders on Koh TaoHannah Witheridge, 23 , from Norfolk. Her throat had been cut, chopped in her face and had been raped.

hannah-witheridge-23 Murders on Koh Tao

Hannah was awarded a degree in Education from the University of East Anglia, before undertaking post-graduate work at the University of Essex, had only been on the island for three days when she was killed.

She had been travelling with three female friends and only met David Miller, who was travelling with two male companions, hours before they were murdered.

Their semi-naked bodies were discovered lying on the blood soaked sand on Sairee beach, just a short distance from the Ocean View resort where the two groups of friends had been staying.

Some of the pair’s clothes were located nearby, as was a hoe, which police believe was used in the murder.

murder weapon - Murders on Koh TaoThe killings will present a new challenge for Junta. Officials in the tourism industry say visitor numbers have fallen by up to 10 per cent compared to last year, since the coup.

Hannah Witheridge’s family hugged each other for support after arriving in Bangkok. What a devastating time for the parents.hannah-witheridge-arrived-in-bangkok

What a waste of young lives, a lot of Thai people consider Koh Tao is dangerous and don’t even think about going there. That must tell you something about that Island. How many people have to die before everyone say enough is enough! Time to fix that mess or take that death trap called Koh Tao off the map!

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