Thailand Criminals

Thailand Criminals in uniform = Thai Mafia!

Supaksorn “Ying” Polthaisong , 28-year-old woman (Tomboy), was abducted from her apartment on Dec. 13 in Bangkok’s Nong Khaem District. Her body was found (Jan 11, 2017) buried in cement behind a resort in Kanchanaburi province.

Thailand criminals-suphaksorn-pontaisong-was-kidnapped-and-murdered-on-the-orders-of-col-amnuay-pongsawa-09tsuphaksorn-pontaisong-was-kidnapped-and-murdered-on-the-orders-of-col-amnuay-pongsawat-0Baan Pong Police Chief Col. Amnuay Pongsawat, 58, was upset that Supaksorn (Tomboy) was sleeping with his 38-year-old mistress, Kannikar Krumram, who is a singer in a restaurant,who was also upset with Supaksorn because she started to see another lady.

The high ranking police chief decided to get a bunch of criminals to abduct and kill the Tomboy, Samart Saengsin, 50; Police. Chaiyuth Benchat, 41; Army. Panumet Meela, 34; Army.  Niwat Suaythong, 32; Phumithat Phiboonsawat, 24.

Niwat cut in front of the victim’s motorcycle with his pick-up truck while she was leaving her apartment and Phumithat and two others detained her claiming they were police.

suphaksorn-pontaisong-was-kidnapped-and-murdered-on-the-orders-of-col-amnuay-pongsawat-both-were-romantically-involved-with-kannika-krumrum-Thailand criminalssuphaksorn-pontaisong-was-kidnapped-and-murdered-on-the-orders-of-Thailand-criminals-col-amnuay-pongsawat-both-were-romantically-involved-with-kannika-krumrumThey then left her at a Kanchanaburi house with 3 men: two former soldiers, Chaiyuth Benchat, 41, and Panumet Meela, 34; and former policeman Samart Saengsin, 50, who killed Supaksorn and buried her at an abandoned resort in Kanchanaburi’s Muang district.

Supaksorn’s mother, Sompit Traijandaeng, 46, and relatives yesterday morning (Jan 12, 2017) performed a religious ritual at the resort “to lead the victim’s spirit home”. During the ritual, the grief-stricken mother became “possessed by her daughter’s spirit”, scolding the attackers and Kannikar and feeling her daughter’s suffering prior to her death.suphaksorn-pontaisong-was-kidnapped-and-murdered-on-the-orders-of-col-amnuay-pongsawat-both-were-romantically-involved-with-kannika-krumrum-101

Thai Police Corruption rooted deep in Thailand

Most sensational crimes, the prime suspects are often the police. Bribery, corruption, protection rackets and even murder.

  • We all remember when a group of border police accused of abducting innocent people and extorting money from them.  Thai Police officers were working as a kidnap gang. It is was reported that these Border patrolmen abused their positions to extract Bt8.7 Million and many people had been wrongly imprisoned (and are still being held) as a direct result of extortion and kidnapping by the Border patrol group called Patrol 41.
  • What about The 5 policemen who used a marked police pickup to deliver 1 million yaba pills from Mae Fa Luang district in Chiang Rai province to a customer in Bangkok, but were arrested en route in Ayutthaya province for the drugs and carrying firearms outside their designated areas. One of them is Lt Col Thammanoon Nakbua, a high ranking officer.  Thai Police=Mafia (sorry, better than Mafia).
  • What about,The huge car-theft rings thought to have been run by corrupt Thai Police.
  • The world remember The famous “blue diamond case in early 1990s”, which wrecked Thailand’s relations with Saudi Arabia. First there was the theft – $20 million worth of jewels, including a very rare blue diamond, taken from a Saudi palace and smuggled into Thailand in 1989. The thief was caught and much of the jewelry was recovered. But most of what was returned to Saudi Arabia turned out to be fake.
    The following year, three Saudi diplomats seeking their return were murdered in Bangkok.  and a Saudi businessman, Mohammad al-Ruwaili, disappeared.” , Mr Chalor arranged the murders of the family of a gem dealer involved in the case (Chalor Kerdthes, a former police general serving life in jail).
  • Cases of police graft and abuse of power are legion, during prime minister, Thaksin Shinawatra—a former mid-ranking policeman and businessman—told police to wage “war on drugs”, resulting in at least 1,300 extra-judicial killings. The widespread torture of suspects. 1000 people dies in prison or police custody easily a year.

Business protection money and bribes that targets bars, agogos, night clubs and any business the police can target to get their monthly cut. It’s better than Mafia.

Of course, I am not going to mention the low ranking police in Thailand. Every time, they need  money. They just set up a traffic checkpoint and get their money by intimidating people with fake traffic violations.

Welcome to Royal Thai Police. Everyone makes money according to their rank. Big money/crimes, Small money/traffic. It’s all about the money. Just don’t piss off the wrong people, because if you do. You will find yourself assigned to south Thailand Police unit. Believe me, there is no money to make in that area, only Blood and let’s hope, it’s not yours.

Thai governments tend to rely on the army or the police (or both) to remain in power. So their commands have always been deeply politicized Like other public institutions they are dominated by a narrow elite of families with tentacles everywhere. “You find the same few surnames wherever you look”.

Thai public servants are less loyal to the institutions that employ them than to their loose network of connections—relatives, ex-classmates from military training or old university chums. Thailand needs Public-spirited and untainted political leadership to stop that Police Corruption.

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