Prem. What are you cooking?

Judicial Coup. Army Coup. It’s Elites Coup. The Elites fear Thaksin. They fear losing Power. Will Yingluck be another Thaksin fugitive now!

What will satisfy the Elites! What now. Stop people from voting so the Elites will have a chance of winning elections.

Where is the King when he is needed most. Why he vanished in a thin air when he is needed to step up and show everyone, Who is The King in that mess.

There must be a stand by the Thai People during these Bullying times to show the real fabric of the Thai People. These are testing times, hard times and the whole world is watching.

I hope the Thai people step up and rise against that corrupt system and put an end to the Elites Tactics. No Army can stop the Power of the People.

I hope the Thai people make history, millions and millions march toward Bangkok, stand strong and united. Where is the Army now! or What will the Army do!

Hurry up with that Martial Law curfew 10 pm to 5 am. The Thai Police can’t go and collect “the Tea Money” from all these Night Clubs + Agogos in Bangkok and Pattaya now.

That’s a lot of money, every night under these Curfew hours. All these night spots + Thai girls will loose a lot of money and be out of Business if that Curfew lasted so long. 10 PM, that’s when the Thai girls start going out to pick up their customers.

That’s what is called Night Life and that Curfew, doesn’t help. I suggest that you change the Curfew hours to 10 am – 8 pm. So we keep the night business going in these Night Spots. Keep the Police happy and the Thai Girls Rich :).

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