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The King is Gone. He is in a coma and out of this world. The corrupted Thugs called “Elites”  keep his body to control the Country. Oh well, It’s payback time! let’s hope that “Sia O” Psycho is going to retaliate against these Thugs and give them a taste of their own medicine. “Sia O” vs Junta! Who is the Boss!Prayuth-Thailand-Crown-Prince-

The Association for the Protection of the Constitution has urged the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to launch a probe against:

  • Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s younger brother and defence permanent secretary Preecha Chan-o-cha
  • Air force commander ACM Tritos Sonchaeng.
  • Lt Gen Siripong Wongkhunti, director-general of the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defence’s (OPSD) Defense Energy Department (DED).
  • Maj Gen Pisith Singharachai, DED’s Northern Petroleum Development Center director.

over the construction of a weir named after General Preecha’s wife. The use+abuse of Power. You are no Queen! maybe “Trash Queen”

The use+abuse of Power. You are no Queen! maybe “Trash Queen”

ms-pongphan-was-gen-preechas-wife pongpan-chan-ocha pongpan-chan-ocha-1

They have also been accused of using an army aircraft to transport a delegation including Pongphan Chan-o-cha, Gen Preecha’s wife, from Bangkok to the construction site in Chiang Mai, the members of the delegation were not state officials.

Extra request! Will you check these 3rd Army Region’s construction projects awarded to Contemporary Construction Limited Partnership, which is partially owned (33%) by Gen Preecha’s son, “Pathomphon Chan-o-cha”. Increase the budget for the army to pocket the money for your corrupt family. Viva Junta!

  • 13.68 Million Baht for the construction of a building for the 3rd Army Division in Phetchabun Province.
  • 13.28 Million Baht for a residential compound in the hospital of Fort Wachiraprakan in the Tak Province.

Thailand Corruption –  Preecha’s family is corrupt to the core!

Corrupt as Fuck! Gen-preecha-chan-o-cha-permanent-secretary-of-the-ministry-of-defence-and-his-wife-phongphan
Corrupt as Fuck! Gen Preecha Chan o Cha- Permanent secretary of the ministry of defense and his wife phongphan.

Please understand, General Preecha is not the only corrupt thug. You can read more about that “Thief in Uniform” by clicking here. Family Business. Welcome to Junta Land. 

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