Thailand Constitution

On Tuesday, Thailand’s revered 86-year-old King formally endorsed the interim charter in a ceremony with General Prayuth Chan-ocha, the army’s chief. The ceremony, which took place in the coastal city Hua Hin, provides additional royal legitimacy to the coup by endorsing the new Thailand Constitution drawn up by the military.

Thailand-King-prayuthCustomized Constitution for the man with the Gun. Sweeping Power for Junta. Granted Amnesty for the Coup. No Shinawatra. 

Thailand’s military junta has unveiled an interim constitution that allows the army to retain sweeping powers. And the army chief, who currently has total executive and legislative oversight, could become the kingdom’s next prime minister.

The new constitution has 17 pages, 48 sections. Some interesting sections.

Section 35: Bans those convicted or officially found of corruption and electoral fraud from holding a political position and prohibits populist policies. Simply, no Shinawatra allowed.

Section 44: Junta  is to handpick a 220-member legislature (replacing the House of Representatives and the Senate) that will later select a prime minister and Cabinet. Anyone who has held a political position in a current party will be excluded from the new group of lawmakers.

Section 48: Granted amnesty to Junta for all illegal things they did & will do. But, you already doing whatever you want anyway. But now, it’s written in the constitution. Official Royal Stamp of approval.

The charter is also seen as a move by the junta to ensure political power will securely be in the hands of the conservative and royalist elite.

The last five national elections in Thailand have been won by parties supported by billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra. Junta want to ensure Thai politics are permanently freed from the influence of Thaksin Shinawatra .

In the meantime, there is strong speculation General Prayuth will be selected as prime minister.

We just have to wait and see. Don’t forget that General Prayuth has to go to Chiang Mai to see his fortune teller “Warin Buawiratlert”.

Will the Himalayan holy man gives a vision to ‘Aajaan Warin’ that General Prayuth will be the next prime minister. We have to wait for that Himalayan holy man “Warin Buawiratlert” to decide Thailand future.

Himalayan holy manMy only concern now. Why is that Himalayan holy man has 3 fingers up. I thought that is banned in Thailand now.

Oh, my Buddha. Jail time “Time to Think” now for the “Himalayan holy man” for that 3 fingered salute.

So, who is going to decide the next prime minister now?

If the “Himalayan holy man” is busted in Junta Jail ! 

I think a Flawless “Flaw…..Less” man like you General Prayuth should be the next PM. Coup well Done.

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