Thailand Budget.

The defense ministry bought 5 Mercedes – Benz S-Class S400 HYBRID Sedan Long version. Why they didn’t buy 10. They must be tight on budget. Money well spent, only 55 million baht. Drive in Style.

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha today warned farmers not to expect too much handouts from the government.

He admitted that the 1,000 baht/rai cash handout up to a maximum of 15,000 baht to each farming household may be just a chicken feed for the rich but for the poor farmers it means a lot.

He said that the government would not help the way the previous government did because it didn’t want to cause problem for the state’s financial standing.

He said that the government had limited budget and could not spend a substantial amount of the budget just to help the farmers.  He admitted that he didn’t know whether tax collection next year would meet the target or not and if the government plans to increase tax in order to fill up the revenue shortfall there will be protests from the people.

Apparently not in a good mood, the prime minister said sarcastically that the government must distribute coupons instead of cash if there are demands of more handouts or subsidies.

We agree. Yes Sir. Yes Sir. Yes PM Prayuth. The Budget is better invested in buying 5 brand new Mercedes, because the defense ministry has to drive in style. Keep them happy, so they don’t make another military coup. Let the Poor farmers starve to death or go to the Loan sharks to borrow money to survive or better if they just committed suicide so they stop bothering you. Pardon me, PM Prayuth . I am not good in that “Thai math”. I just wonder how many farmers could benefit from that wasted 55 million baht.

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