Thailand Boobs Law.

  • Women are ordered to stop taking ‘underboob selfies’ in Thailand and threatened with five years in jail after trend sweeps social media
  • Military government has deemed popular underboob selfies ‘inappropriate
  • Threatened to prosecute anybody who posts the images on social media

Junta’s control and suppression, all the way to the Boobs is becoming annoying and not booby friendly. Prayuth, Please add ” no underboob selfies” to the 12 core values. What about the plastic fake booby ladies who spent all that money on a Boob job!

What a waste of money if you can’t show, your paid assets on social media! Maybe, you can ask Junta for a full refund.


Please clarify that “mighty” booby law in details! Is that law for “Thai Boobs” only! Can tourists take ‘underboob selfies’ or no ‘underboob selfies’ in Thailand period. 5 years in Thai jail is no fun.

Songkran is coming soon. Can we have “wet boobies”! Someone ask that Junta man!



What about Prince Vajiralongkorn and ex-Princess Srirasmi in that famous naked birthday party! Does that law apply to the “Royal family”! Sorry, “Thai Royals” are above the law and that was full Boobies anyway.

Amazing Thailand! Where you get these “Low” Law writing people from! sitting and writing stupid laws, nonsense laws to accommodate their preferences and agenda, all the way to the Boobs! Are you kidding me!

underboob2 Underboob5 underboob7 Underboob08 Underboob8 underboob09 underboob9 underboob14 Underboob18 underboob19

Junta, your laws are confusing. Just ban all the Boobs. Fake Boobs, Real Boobs, Over boobs, Under Boobs, Saggy Boobs, Big Boobs, Small Boobs, even no Boobs. Make it simple “Stupid”.

boobs booby overboobs



Junta is Crazy! Nothing wrong with underboobs!

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