Thailand Bans “Arbat” Movie

The Thai government has banned the release of “Arbat”, a horror film that was set to have released later this week.  The film tells the story of a young man who is forced by his father to become a monk. The young man later develops an intimate relationship with a village girl.

Arbat is a Thai word meaning “violation” or “offense,” usually used in reference to misconduct by monks.

The Ministry of Culture said Monday that its Film and Media Screening Committee banned the film because it was disrespectful to monks and novices.

The ministry gave 4 reasons for its ban:

  • Depiction of monks engaged in violent conduct.
  • Monks drinking alcohol.
  • Monks in sexual relations.
  • Portraying images that are disrespectful to Buddha.

However, The movie is nothing, compared to the real monks who have made vast personal fortunes from their religious services, become celebrities and live decadent, materialistic lives with sex, drinking and drugs. Oh well, Ban these Monks, not the movie who is exposing a little bit of reality.

Is that the new modern monk. flying in a private jet, wearing aviator sunglasses, carrying a Louis Vuitton bag, 40 bank accounts, houses, fancy cars, motorbikes with the public donations, having sex, drinking, dealing in drugs, guns, stealing, fighting. Losing my religion !THAI-BUDDHIST-MONKS-PRIVATE-JET


Monks5 monks-guns


Monk slaps an English man in the train

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