Royal Mumbo Jumbo.

Wasting local state money building temporary palaces for visiting royals. When they meet the King or Queen they must crawl before their feet and recite Mumbo Jumbo “ใต้ฝ่าละอองธุลีพระบาทปกเกล้าปกกระหม่อม”  “May the power of the dust on the soles and the dust under the soles of your royal feet protect my head and the top of my head.”

I can’t believe it, is that Real or Fiction. Someone wake me up. It’s 2014. its not the stone age. No person and I mean no one is dust under the feet of another.


It must be nice to be a Thai Royal

  • The Thai King is the Richest Monarch in the World. Net worth 30 Billion USD.
  • During the last 20 years the Palace Budget has been increased 20 times, from 141 million Baht to 2.6 billion Baht. (Note: The poor English Queen has hardly seen a rise in her Palace Budget in 20 years and has to manage with a 358 million Baht.).
  • 6 billion Baht is paid-out annually from the State Budget to finance Thailand’s Royal Projects.
  • 60 military units with over 30,000 soldiers to guard the Thai monarchy. I thought all Thai people love the Monarch, why the massive military guards.
  • Collection of huge sum of money from corporation and public donations straight to the Royal family.

I think all that huge amount of money that goes to the Royal Family is justified.

  • You don’t see Royal Dog Foo Foo in another Monarchy.
  • You don’t see a Princess sitting naked in front of 600 international visitors for a dog birthday Party. Only in Thailand Royal Palace.
  • You don’t see a Dog with an Air Marshal Rank in the air force. Only in Thailand Royal Family.

Money Justified.. Money well spent. I think, the Royal family deserve a raise this year.

I remember when the king spoke in his birthday and said:

  • “Progress and stability will come true if everyone in the nation discharges his duty with all his might and puts the common interest before his own interest,” .


Is that Right, your highness!

Common interest will be taking care of that area behind the mountains called “Isan”, develop it, take care of its people. Roads never paved, running water never reached these villages until 1990. No public health care system. No money, Out of luck. Die or sell the land. Thanks to Thaksin, he fixed that mess.

  • “They shall do that with their wisdom, conscience, honesty and sincerity. “I ask all of you here who hold important positions in major institutions of the country, and all groups of Thais, to…set your sights on performing your duties to the best of your ability for the glorious success of this country.”

Right on. Honest, Hard working government officials, Thailand has. From the Policeman in the street, all the way up to the Royal Privy council. No corruption, No Greed.  Well said “King”.

Visakha Bucha Day is coming on May 13.  When Buddha saw his people suffering. He gave up his kingdom, his wealth and he wanted more than anything to discover how one might overcome suffering. he started his journey to find true happiness and achieved enlightenment.

But King “Bhumibol Adulyadej” wants, the poor Thai people to be self sufficient. So, the Royal Family can have more money, more wealth. Your words of wisdom enlightened me. I see the light now, maybe after I clear that Royal Dust from my eyes.

So much Royal Dust in the Air. Time to take a shower and rinse that Dust.

 No Touch….  Mumbo Jumbo…


Sunandha Kumariratana was the daughter of King Mongkut and Princess Consort Piam of Thailand. She was born in 1860 and was the first queen consort.

In 1880, when Kumariratana was only 19 years old, her boat capsized on the way to Bang Pa-In Royal Palace. She drowned despite the fact that there were many onlookers present that could have helped her. They didn’t because they were not allowed to touch the queen. If they had, they could have been put to death. So ironically and tragically, they were not allowed to save her life.

The grief-stricken Chulalongkorn later erected a memorial to her and his unborn child at the Bang Pa-In Palace.

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