The Royal Thai Police in Koh Tao

I never had any respect for the criminals in uniform and today news, just made me fuming with anger. Another sad day for justice. Thai police is worst than Mafia. The whole world watched the despicable Thai police in full view. Their investigation of the Brits murders in Kho Tao, that if you call that an investigation, maybe intimidation. Always go after the weak, the vulnerable, threaten and intimidate.

  • We saw how they threatened “Scott McAnna”  who was a friend of David Miller to hang him, and use him as a scapegoat. But Scott posted their photos on Facebook and left the island in fear. I am sure if he didn’t. He will be dead by now.
  • What about the Thai Taxi driver “Pornprasit Sukdam, 37”  was arrested and beaten by the local police who then offered him 700,000 baht to give false evidence. He was beaten when he didn’t not comply. He stated that he knows nothing about the incident. He decided to tell his story to the media since the police planned to interrogate him again and he feared being beaten up again.
  • What about “Si Thu”, a Burmese migrant who was interrogated by police on Sept. 19,  “While I was answering [the questions of police], a Thai policeman showed a photo to another detainee called Lin Lin and asked if it was his photo. He answered no and the policeman kneed him in the back, saying he was lying.“Then, the police asked him if he killed those tourists. When Lin Lin answered that he didn’t, the same policeman hit him again,” said Si Thu, who added that he himself was hit over the head when the police took him from his home on Sept. 19.

I thought for a second, that bringing Thai police from Bangkok will bring justice and the real criminals will be apprehended, but I was mistaken, local Mafia rules the island.


When I look deep at the faces in these photos of the arrested Burmese. I only see criminal faces of the corrupted Thai Police or the 2 guys in Scott McAnna posted photo. Scary faces. You judge “Who has that criminal look”. I think the Burmese looks like angles compared to them.


The end of a sad tragic murder. Due to the international attention, Thai police arrest vulnerable Burmese, who is working illegally in Thailand and had a confession beaten out of them.

  • To the Corrupt Royal Thai Police, Job well done. Another case closed with no justice served. Above all, you will get rewarded by Prayuth for setting up the poor Burmese scapegoats. Did Prayuth wrote the script for that “Drama” or the Corrupt Royal Thai Police just used the same old script. 
  • To the Burmese scapegoats. I was worried that they will kill you first and then they say we found the killers dead. I don’t know what deal they had with you. Was it money, was it a short jail time, or was it only show for the media and then they will ship you back home with some money. Your only hope now, is in the British ambassador or Myanmar embassy (if they care) . They saw the reports of torture and boiling water used on the Burmese during the investigation  intimidation.
  • For Hannah Witheridge and David Miller families, my heart goes to  you for your loss, for watching that corrupt Thai police posting these gruesome photos of your loved ones online and destroy the evidence to cover a Mafia headman.
  • To PM Prayuth, better clean up the corrupted Royal Thai police first.

Beach vendors from Kata and Karon, Rawai and Nai Harn gathered on Patong Beach pay their condolences to Mr Jirasak Shairkhu who hung himself on September 22. He had been suffering from depression since he lost his job in Phuket beach clean-up by Junta.

Police found a letter left at his estranged wife’s house addressed to the NCPO. It was a plea to let sunbed and umbrella operators return to the beach, to prevent anyone else from taking their own life.

Mr Jirasak explained how everybody had been working on the beach for over 40 years and was the only job they knew. He said the income he received helped him to support more than 20 people in his family and now they are suffering as well.


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    1. If you don’t know, how many families control the island. How they divided the island. How assassination and killing happen in broad day light. How Thai police in the island works for the Mafia. How most of the motorbikes drivers carry guns on the island, waiting for orders from Chao Pho “เจ้าพ่อ”.
      You live in Bangkok, go ask your Police Chief “Somyos Poompanmuang”, how he and his wife’s net worth is 355.8 million baht. How a lifelong career in the public service could have made him a millionaire many times over.
      I am sure the case doesn’t need any help from someone asking these smart questions. Go drink “Tea” with your corrupted “Royal” Thai Police. Case Closed. Bye.

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