Police chief Somyot Poompunmuang shows the three million baht reward at a press conference on Monday as he announces it will be paid to the police team whose investigation led to the arrest of a suspect

Thai Police is a Joke.

Couple of days ago, Pol Maj Gen Adul Narongsak, a deputy Bangkok police chief in charge of traffic, had initiated ‘Anti-Bribery’ Cash Reward in a bid to reduce bribery.

10,000 baht in cash to traffic police officers who refused to accept bribes from motorists, usually these bribes runs around 100 baht (get money to do the job, he is supposed to do!!).

After arresting couple of people and paying 10,000 baht to couple of traffic police officers. Today, they cancelled it.

Who makes these policies. What a disorganized, disgraced police force. Someone has to fix that mess, called Royal Thai Police. 

– First thing needs to be done, is remove that “Royal”. That Thai Police never been Royal or Loyal.

– The salaries has to be increased in Thailand in general. Thai math doesn’t work no more. It simply doesn’t add up. Thai people can’t make a decent living and provide a good life for their families by 6000 baht or even 10,000 baht with that inflation rate. Share the wealth. Give these poor people a piece of the pie. Don’t be Greedy. The rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer. Close that gap.

– Don’t go after the small stuff. 100 baht bribery. Are you kidding me. What about the top brass police, who gets millions of baht/month from these gambling dens, massage parlors and entertainment business. No more Free Soapy massage/Sexual services for these scumbags police.

– Start your anti corruption campaign from the Top. Not by moving the corrupted police to another division, but by removing them from the police force and house them in a nice small cell in prison.

– Do your job. Enough of these unsolved/cover up crimes. People are being thrown out of buildings, “Royal Thai Police” calling it a suicide. People are being hanged with their hands tied behind their backs, “Royal Thai Police” calling it a suicide. People are being killed and dumped in the sea, “Royal Thai Police” calling it drowning.

– If I was in charge. I will fire all of you. No hope in that “Royal Thai Police”. Corrupt to the core. I will start with a new blood, new breed that protect the law, not break the law. Value people, not money. Seek justice for the weak and the poor. Not on the payroll for the rich.

Enough Injustice. People are fed up. Just go to hell “Royal Thai Police”.

– National Legislative Council (NLC) members’ assets declaration shocked many. How is it even possible that Police Chief Somyos Poompanmuang and his wife’s net worth is 355.8 million baht. How a lifelong career in the public service could have made him a millionaire many times over. That’s only happen in “Royal Thai Police“, where is a Goldmine called corruption. I am sure that crook didn’t declare all his assets and overseas bank accounts either.

Don’t waste our time and enough distraction with the 100 baht traffic bribe. Start with the Royal Thai Police Chief.

Police Chief Somyos Poompanmuang net worth is 355.8 million baht
Police Chief Somyos Poompanmuang net worth is 355.8 million baht

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