Thai Police Busted.

Here we go police exposing police. I am not siding the other side of the police who is exposing those criminals. The whole “Royal” Thai police force is corrupt and worst than Mafia. They just want to get rid of him to get his share of the corruption. After arresting The head of the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB), Pol Gen Pongpat chayapan.


They found huge sum of cash, gold bars, land deed, amulets valued at 10 billion baht.

Pol Lt Gen Pongpat and Pol Maj Gen Kowit were also charged with operating gambling dens in Huai Khwang at which they allegedly said they would hand the money over to the “monarchy”.

Pol Maj Gen Boonsueb is also accused of citing the “monarchy” when taking bribes from oil smuggling gangs amounting to 1-2 million baht per month. He allegedly delivered 35 million baht to Pol Maj Gen Kowit and 118 million baht to Pol Lt Gen Pongpant between Dec 28, 2011, and July 18 this year…

Pol Lt Gen Pongpat allegedly colluded with Pol Maj Gen Boonsueb; Pol Col Akkharawut Limrat, former chief of the Crime Suppression Division’s Sub-Division 1, and Pol Col Wuthichat to demand 3-5 million baht from police officers — totalling about 50 million baht — in exchange for promotions between Oct 1, 2010, and Nov 11 this year. The officers pay these millions for promotion+location because they know, they will get their money back from bribes, corruption etc. Location is very important, Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket that’s where the most corrupted money at. If you don’t have the money to buy your promotion. They send you to South Thailand, where the Muslims will make you a statistic.

Info for the hard working Thai people who work 12 hours/day, 7 days/week and make 5000 baht/month and barley make ends meet. I know, they don’t know what a billion is?

1 billion baht = 1000 million baht

Oh my Buddha. Amazing. I expected 500 million baht max, but these criminals are hitting it so hard, gambling, bribes, oil smuggling, they have a share in everything. It’s over any imagination. Anyway, The one who is going to replace him has a big shoes to fill. His ambition will be to make more than that lousy 10 billion baht. Anyway, a relative of the new big Mafia boss will take his position, so they keep it in the family.


Criminals in Uniform

police-chief-general-somyot-pumpanmuang-350million-baht-man(that’s what he reported. I am sure, a lot more)

Kidnapping by “Royal” Thai Police

Cambodia’s Minister of Information H.E. Khieu Kanharith (R, pic. 1) holds talks with Mr. Chen Ji, Chairman of Cambodia Digital TV Co., Ltd. of China’s Yunnan province,
Cambodia’s Minister of Information H.E. Khieu Kanharith (R, pic. 1) holds talks with Mr. Chen Ji, Chairman of Cambodia Digital TV Co., Ltd. of China’s Yunnan province,

A police senior sergeant major Supanat Chuchaipanyawong, 45, of Don Muang Police Station has been arrested for his alleged involvement in the kidnapping of Chinese-Cambodia businessman Chen Ji in downtown Bangkok on November 11.,

4 men, who claimed to be police took Chen Ji, 27, into a car by force in front of the Baiyoke 2 Tower in Bangkok’s Pratunam area on Nov 11. and told him they had an arrest warrant on him and demanded a ransom of 100 million baht.

Chen ji is a successful property developer and online vendor and was visiting Thailand. He was snatched just after his vehicle arrived at Baiyoke Tower for a lunch. They smuggled him into Cambodia after 3 days in captivity through a border checkpoint in Thailand’s Sa Kaeo province and released him.

Amazing, The “Royal” Thai Police is doing it all. Aren’t you suppose to Protect the citizens or you scumbags are in the kidnapping business too.

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