Thai Monk Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Thai Monk Celebrates Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t get better than that. A 19 year-old and high on drugs in a love motel. A 35-year-old monk was defrocked and then charged after being caught in a love motel room with a young woman and some speed pills on Valentine’s Day.

Soldiers and local officials inspecting nightspots and hotels for misbehavior on Tuesday, saw a saffron robe and a monk’s bag left in a Honda car parked outside a motel room in tambon Teng Sanam of Muang district around 11:30pm.

Officials raid a room at a love motel after a saffron robe and monk’s bag were found left inside a car parked in front of the room.

The monk is driving a Honda, what is wrong with you! He should be driving a BMW or Mercedes!

They knocked on the room door. It was opened by a man with a shaven head and wearing saffron pants. There was a 19-year-old girl in the room with him.

A search discovered 6 methamphetamine pills and straws used for taking drugs in the bathroom. The man, identified as Wutthichai Promma, 35, was found to be a monk at a temple in Muang district of this province.

The girl admitted she and the monk went to the love motel to celebrate Valentine’s Day and to take drugs.

The man was ejected from the monk-hood. Urine tests found the pair tested positive for illicit drug use. They were handed over to Muang district police for legal action.

Thai media reported that Mr Wutthichai admitted he had sneaked away from the temple to meet the girl and celebrate Valentine’s Day.

She said she had met him via the phone, and arranged to celebrate the day of love with him for the first time at the motel. This is “Holy” Love!

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