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Sorajja Nuanyu and Pinyo Pongcharoen
Sorajja Nuanyu and Pinyo Pongcharoen

Nostradamus of North Thailand “Sorajja Nuanyu” and the President of the International Astrology Association in Bangkok “Pinyo Pongcharoen” predict that a major earthquake will hit Thailand by July 12.

These guys are on top of their game. They say the angle of the moon with Jupiter, Saturn, Mars. Blah Blah Blah will cause that major Earthquake.

These guys are full of Sh*t. They are just making things up. How many times these 2 fools used dates and times and the movement of the planets to make their false prophecies. 

Thai astrologer Warin Buawiratlert and several other soothsayers predicted a big Tsunami disaster in December, 2010. Their false fortune-telling made a devastating impact on tourism in Phuket and nothing happened. Was he punished for his false prediction, of course not. He is now the top fortune teller for Prayuth and the Army top Generals.

Let’s see this time, if these 2 fools are right. I will believe in that “Mumbo Jumbo” and I will become a “Fortune Teller”.

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