Thai Investment.


Russians (Russian speaking nationals because some people get offended. Ukraine is not Russia, whatever that is not my point of discussion). They leave the cold weather, the expensive living conditions. Why pay 400 Baht in McDonald while you can eat Thai exotic food for 30 Baht in the street. For example the average salary in Ukraine is 11,000 Baht/month. They move to Thailand looking for better opportunities, most of them work as tour guides getting paid 40,000 baht/month, while the Thai tour guide getting only 10,000 / month.  Why!   How!   For What!   Is that Fair!

They have no work permit. They work illegally in Thailand. By Thai law, only Thai nationals can be Tour guide.

That money should be going to the Thai people, that’s how to lift their living conditions.

What a corrupted Thai officials, a lot of kickback money. A lot of “Tea money” to the Thai police from these companies to be able to operate in peace with disregard to the law.

They let these Russian tour companies operate in Thailand. They make all the money. They bring Russians tour guides; they open their own tourist shopping stores where they bring their Russian groups to shop. Most of the workers in these shopping stores are Russians. These Russians keep all the money circulating in that Russian house.


The only need for the Thai tour guide is to sit idle, in case the Thai police come and check. Usually the Russian tour guide will then take the company shirt off and blend with the Russian group until the Police leave.

These Thai natural treasures should benefit Thai people, not Russians. Don’t sell your country cheap for some Tea money to couple of rich corrupt officials or Elites who partner with these companies. Let the Thai people benefit from the Russian Tourist booming business in Thailand. Starting from the maids who clean the hotels who barley can make ends meet with 5000 Baht salary a month.

Do the right Investment. Invest in Thai people for the long term. Send these Thai tour guides to Russia for Russian language courses for 6 month. Fill the gap by training and uplifting the Thais. That will be money well spent. Not Prayuth “Mumbo Jumbo” of core values passport and happiness campaign.

The same story goes for the Chinese tour guides and the Korean tour guides. It’s not only the Russians.

Example (hypothetically speaking): It’s like if Thailand has a lot of Oil (natural resource as Tourism, no difference). These corrupted officials on Top wants to make all the money. They just brought these Russian companies to dig for the oil. These companies brought with them, their engineers, accountants, consultants (high salary jobs). They only hired the local nationals for the low end jobs, taking advantage of the low wages in Thailand, drivers, constructions etc. (low salaries).

These Russian companies took all the oil and kept all the money. Why the whole country didn’t benefit from that Oil boom (Tourism boom). Is that a good Investment. It’s good for the Russians. Bad Investment for Thailand, except the corrupted few.

Wake up Thailand. It’s time to invest in Thai people. No joking around. Enough is Enough. 


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