Thai Fix.

Thailand Rice Farmers

You just stay in your farm and we will give you what we feel is good for you. We will decide for you because you are not smart enough to decide what’s good for you or your family. We all Thais in Thailand. But, you know what. You are from Isan. You have to learn how to speak the Thai language properly. You have to get rid of that Laos origin in you.

We want some change in the law too, we call it “POLITICAL REFORMS” that would prevent you from voting at all. So, we can win in Elections.

It amazes me when I see some few people from Isan praising the court verdict today against Yingluck Shinawatra. They are the same people who deny their Lao-ness, and pretend to be from Bangkok. They just try to Fit In. Shame on you, for feeling ashamed of who you are. Shame on you for spacing yourself from your real family, just to Fit in. What a First Class citizen, you are now from Bangkok. Sad to see, that you believed that stereotype that was placed on you, all your life.

I think the best “Thai Fix” is 3 Separate States in Thailand

  • The Muslims State in the South. Just keep them there, let them do what they do best, with each other. Bomb and Kill each other, better than attacking and killing civilians and monks.

  • Isan State in the North. Where real democracy should rule and take care of the people. The hard working people who want the best for their families and kids. Not a Few Corrupted Elite. Power to the People.


  • Bangkok Elite Few. Let them rule it with corruption and greed as usual until Bangkok goes underwater and sink by 2030 as predicted by rising sea level. Let’s all hope that “The Elite” sink and disappear off the face of the earth forever.Bangkok sinking Bangkok sinking

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