Thai Democracy

What is your True Democracy!

I understand: The few connected Thai corrupted elites have it all, wealth, power and above the law, while 99% of the population have to live on their knees and be self-sufficient. Inequality, injustice, poverty, & prison are your Thai democracy!

Thanks, Buddha! Prayuth knows everything. He is a man of wisdom and knowledge!

The Principle of Thai Democracy

Prayuth Chan-ocha, in his first exchange with a foreign journalist since the military takeover,said that democracy in Thailand is like a shirt that is buttoned incorrectly and foreigners needed to understand he is not power crazy.

The Thai leader was repeatedly asked about the concern that Thailand’s draft constitution is undemocratic because it allows the nation’s senate to be appointed by a committee and not elected by the people.

Prayuth got upset and asked the foreign journalist :

“What is your true democracy?”

“I know everything … there are people in Thailand who don’t want an election, do you know that?

“I try to make you understand, many countries in ASEAN [Association of Southeast Asian Nations] understand me.

“The principle of democracy, I know that.”

Now, I understand. Thanks you “Prayuth” for explaining democracy : Asian countries are different, Shirt, Button, Pants! It all makes sense now!

Khon Kaen Mayor stripped a reporter

That’s why that reporter for Daily News, was stripped to his underwear by Khon Kaen mayor on Tuesday as revenge for his coverage of the official’s engagement to a teen schoolgirl.

The stripping punishment ordered by mayor Premsak Piayura came after Daily News published a report and couple of photos on Monday about the 51-year-old mayor engagement to a teenager in high school. he paid a dowry of 400,000 baht and a Toyota Vios.

On Tuesday morning, Premsak ordered all local reporters to his office for a lecture on privacy. But whereas other correspondents merely got a stern talking-to, Daily News said its reporter was held back and forcefully stripped by members of Premsak’s staff and snapped photos of the naked reporter and the mayor asked the reporter: Are you embarrassed when someone violates your privacy like this?”

Well done Mayor! Congratulations on your engagement!

 Many People! Who!

Many people! Who! The whole country except “your people“!

Take “your people” and hit the Road “Jack”. that’s your Roadmap to Democracy! 

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