Thai Cooking.


Nothing better than a spicy Thai street food, what a delicious home cooked meal. Flavor of Thailand on a plate. The surrounding atmosphere,  the smell, the taste, the price. These fancy restaurants has nothing to offer, compared to the overwhelming taste and experience of Thai street food. Enjoy it.

Thai cooking rules for Prayuth

  • Mix all the ingredients together for the ultimate authentic, delicious Thai flavor.
  • It’s not a show off. No need for all these cameras.
  • Enough “Ass Kissing” from the controlled Thai media. Let’em Free.
  • I don’t care about your fancy cloth. I care about the food on my plate at the end.
  • If you don’t know how to Cook. Don’t waste your time and our time. Let a real Chef, do the cooking.
  • It doesn’t take all the time to cook a simple delicious meal. We are hungry. Hurry up.
  • Don’t cook for only selected few. There is enough food for everyone. No one should sleep hungry. Cook for the whole nation. Share and Enjoy, together is better.
  • Add a lot of “Red” Hot Chili Pepper. Give it that authentic unique Spicy Thai taste.
  • Without that “Red” Hot Chili Pepper. A few will eat it, the majority will not.  What a tasteless,wasted food. Cook it right. It’s not a trial and error.


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