Thai Army Thugs

Shout out to the mighty Thai army, where the generals and high ranking officers are robbing the country and the rest are abusing these poor soldiers from Isan because they can, they are Slaves in That Thai Royal Army.

Very creative “Scumbag”. Add fish sauce to enhance the pain.

Private Songtham Moodmud, 23 year old soldier died in southern Thailand (April 4) after suffering a severe beating at his army base from his officers.

Pvt-Songtham-Mudmad,-23,-was-placed-at-a-local-Buddhist-temple-in-Sichon-district,-Nakhon-Si-Thammarat,-for-his-funeralPvt. Songtham was assaulted by a group of officers at the 1st Infantry Battalion base in Yala province on April 2 and later sent to hospital. After two days in ICU. He died from internal bleeding. All of that beating because Pvt. Songtham filed a complaint against his officer for stealing his money!

Pvt Songtham, 23, was tortured from 9pm to 4am at an army camp in Yala. Pvt Songtham’s body was covered with injuries and bruises from severe beatings. He suffered a brain hemorrhage. His face and eyes were swollen, and his genitals burnt by candles. That was not a disciplinary punishment. That was a torture.


Welcoming news for 100,000 Thai men who will be selected for 2 years of service in the Abusive, Corrupt, Royal Thai Army. Men over 21 must report for two years of mandatory service, unless their physical or mental condition prevents them from doing so [Ladyboys come handy at this draft time! Exempt! Maybe that’s why Thailand has so many Ladyboys:)]. Those who underwent military training in high school are also exempt.

Thailand-Ladyboy-Draft This year’s conscription season started on April 1. The military says it needs around 100,000 recruits to fill the positions as privates.

Getting a black card grants exemption, while a red would result in 2 years of mandatory enlistment.

Chinawuth ‘Chin’ Indracusin, a 26-year-old singer and actor (Thai father, French mother), openly wept in front of reporters when he was drafted in Bangkok. Chinawuth already postponed his conscription for several years on health reasons. He is due to report to the army for his two-year service on May 1.

You must bribed the wrong guy! You are a super Star and that requires a Super Bribe. Not a lousy 30,000 Baht like “No Name or No Fame” Man! Open your ears and wallet, a million Baht will be worth it! Let’s hope, you don’t become an Army Slave or they ship you to the south where Muslim attacks are daily routines and you come back in a Body Bag. 

Army Privates needed for Slave work! If you go around the suburbs of Bangkok, especially anywhere near an army base, you’ll find this is a common practice. Thai army officer routinely has about 3 or 4 enlisted army soldiers doing his family laundry, ironing clothes, cutting the grass, etc.  He has 3 or 4 cars which get washed and vacuumed nearly every day. When his wife comes home from the mall, they take all of her shopping bags out the car then clean and wash the car for her. This is not a temporary detail. They live at the house for many months, of course sleeping on the floor. Power, Control, Intimidation and Abuse. That defines the Thai Royal Army culture. Rank Power. Slaves in Uniform!

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