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Stupid “Buffalo” Farang

Buffalo = Kwai = Stupid. A lot of Thais think that “Farangs” are stupid because it’s so easy to take advantage of them and usually call them these names with a wicked smile, which is despicable. But in that case , an exception is granted! Mr Boss man  At around 4:00 am on Nov 26, 2017 […]

November 29, 2017

Stupid “Buffalo” Farang

Leicester City Football manager Nigel Pearson son, James Pearson, Tom Hopper, a striker and goalkeeper Adam Smith filmed themselves committing depraved sex acts with 3 Thai girls in their hotel room while barraging them with racist, derogatory abuse. “Come on … you slit-eye.” She is “f***ing minging… an absolute 1 out of 10” and much more.  Afterwards the three watched […]

May 31, 2015